Friday, September 14, 2007

Public Restroom Update

RIOC President Steve Shane reports in his Main Street Wire Column (PDF version) that:

At the suggestion of the RI Blog, RIOC is following up a DOT program to make some additional restroom facilities available, It is a competitive process, so we shall see. We understand the need and are studying possible solutions.
I am not sure if Mr. Shane is referring to Roosevelt Islander as the "RI blog" but if he is, I appreciate the mention in Roosevelt Island's paper of record, the Main Street Wire. However, for the record, the suggestion to apply for the DOT public rest room came from fellow blogger Roosevelt Island 360 as a comment to this series of Roosevelt Islander posts. He deserves the credit for identifying the particular DOT program.


Anonymous said...

WARNING @ 12:40 AM

I just took one hell of a nuke Dump in the public pooper and a gasmask is required. I would stay of of the place until the sun comes up.

Anonymous said...

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