Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Customers Throng Opening of Roosevelt Island's New Restaurant - Nonno's Focacceria

I never in my life thought I would write these words but here goes.
I tried to get into a Roosevelt Island restaurant this afternoon for lunch but it was too crowded. Every seat was occupied and there was a long line at the counter for the opening of the much anticipated and long awaited Nonno's Focacceria at 455 Main Street (212-753-2300 or 2307).
I look forward to going back later today.
A great big WELCOME to Roosevelt Island for Nonno's!!!
Roosevelt Island's Riverwalk buildings now have a Starbucks, Duane Reade, Italian Restaurant (Nonno's) and a soon to be open Japanese restaurant. Piece by piece Roosevelt Island's Berlin Wall is falling.
Image is of the lunch time crowd at Nonno's.
UPDATE: Returned to Nonno's later in the day. Had a spicy buffalo chicken wrap. It was very good. Will definitely be back for more.


Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to have a pizzeria back on the island and I wish the owners the best of luck.

That being said, for the prices they are charging, I wish the pizza were a little better, based on the mushroom slice I had on Saturday. The topping was good, but the crust -- a significant part of the pizza experience -- tended more toward the sweet than savory, and had a cracker-like texture that made it impossible to fold without cracking.

The pizzeria has already risen above the usual Roosevelt Island Rule that states that every business has to be the worst example of its kind. I hope they will be even more ambitious and produce something that's really good.

People will actually travel to eat excellent pizza -- witness the lines at DiFaro's in Brooklyn, a place that originally catered only to the immediate neighborhood, but because of its quality, draws pizza-lovers from all over the city.

Anonymous said...

The delivery service is good when there is a manager or owner taking the calls. Otherwise the delivery service is near poor.

The pizza is ok, not great, but ok.

The wings are NOT good. They bread the wings which makes them soggy. Here is my suggestion for original buffalo chicken wings (I'm from Buffalo)
-deep fry the wings until medium-dark golden crisp(don't mess them up with breading or seasoning before frying etc.)

-when finished frying toss the wings in a mixture of 1/2 butter and 1/2 Durkee Brand- Frank's Red Hot Sauce (this is the only sauce used in making original wings).

note: increase the amount of frank's sauce to turn up the heat! Offer mild, medium or hot. Don't just fry the wings and serve the sauce on the side. That's lame and not how it is done.

-deliver in cardboard packaging NOT plastic. Plastic packaging will make the wings soggy.

-please offer straight blue cheese dressing not the "hidden valley ranch" style that is really ranch dressing with a few chunks of blue cheese in it-that's crap!

Practice a few batches and you'll have the hang of it in no time.

PS. I'm hoping that the owner's of Nonno's will read this.

Lynn said...

I think their pizza should be more like pizza hut but they should give you the option to have sliced (cabot) cheddar like dominos (for us lactose intolerance eaters) this would get more people to come and by having a more family like atmosphere it will bring people from all over the city! Also having more hot subs w/the choice of provolone instead of just parm. is a plus! Keep new restaurants coming we need/want them!