Thursday, February 7, 2008

Roosevelt Island Grog Liquor Shop Lease Renewed

Image of Grog Shop from Spatial Design

At the 1/31 RIOC Board of Directors meeting a renewal lease for the Roosevelt Island Grog Liquor shop was approved. Take a look at the web cast of Board meeting to see how the process of decision making on Roosevelt Island works. More on this and how it impacts Main Street retail later.


Anonymous said...

Its a relief to know we can continue to buy booze conveniently, if in a limited and overpriced way - what about all the other closed retail space, which only reinforces the depressing nature of that stretch of grey concrete? The orange plaid curtains are really no substitute for vibrant businesses. What's the story with no new tenants? If we're all going to have to go down to Southtown for it, we might as well all move there.