Friday, February 8, 2008

Roosevelt Island Public Safety with NYPD Detectives Kojak, Crocker and Stavros

Is a day in the life of the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department anything like that of Kojak, Crocker and Stavros, characters from this great 1970's NYC police show? According to the 24 hour Public Safety Report for 2/1-2/6, Roosevelt Island had incidents of public intoxication, failure to pick up doggie doo and pushing an officer among other occurrences below. Did Kojak ever tell a perp to "Curb Your Dog"?

0700 hrs 2/1/08 to 0700 hrs 2/2/08
Unsecured gate - officer observed gate to fuel station left open. R/O secured area and report field.
Verbal dispute - two males 560 16th floor hallway. R/O advised both to leave area. Both parties complied without incident.
Water leak - Eastwood bldgs 560 apt 760. Management ntf.
Grand Larceny - female left wallet unsecured in teachers locker. Wallet was taken and credit card was used. PSD and NYPD report taken.

2/2/8-700 AM to 2/3/08-700 AM
Investigation At 580 Main Street a male wearing Law Enforcement uniform entered apt without ringing the door bell. Later reporter stated that her wallet with credit cards and ID was missing. PSD responded. NYPD refused. Later she stated that she found the wallet and money was missing. PSD report done.
Criminal Mischief- At 540 Main Street liquid food substance was smeared on an apt door. PSD responded and conducted a search of the first floor for the perp with negative results. PSD report done.
Aided- At 400 Main Street a female fell on the sidewalk f/o the subway station. PSD responded. Female stated that she was fine and refused EMS. She left the area. No damage or imperfection on the sidewalk. PSD report done.
Criminal Mischief- At 560 Main Street in stairwell "G" unknown perp kicked the wall causing a hole. A search for the perp yielded negative results in the stairwell. PSD report done.
Investigation-An illegally parked vehicle was towed by PSD on 1/31/08. The complainant stated when he retrieved the car that a GPS and a kodak camera was missing. The tow report was checked and it noted that the doors were open. said items were not in the tow report. PSD report done.
Failed to clean Canine waste-At 510 Main Street a male was walking a dog and failed to curb the dog. PSD Det issued a summon to the dog walker. PSD report done.
Found Property-At 595 Main Street credit card was brought into PSD. It was secured by PSD. The bank was notified and will notify the owner. PSD report done.
Smoke Condition-At 546 Main Street there was a smoke condition which was caused by a tenant who burnt food. PSD responded. No injuries and no property damage. The hallway windows were opened to air out the hallway. PSD report done.

UPDATE 2/10 - Including each 24 hour Public Safety report has made the page more cluttered and harder to read so I will be posting only a few 24 hour reports on this page but linking to all daily reports here. A permanent 24 hour Public Safety record can be found on the right column under the Roosevelt Island link page element. I removed the 2/3 -2/6 reports previously found here to the link above.


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