Sunday, March 2, 2008

News Links

4 acre waterfront park over the FDR Drive and adjacent to United Nations proposed as part of Sheldon Solow's Con Ed waterside power plant re-development (NY Times). Any chance of doing Roosevelt Islanders a great big favor by moving the Kahn/FDR memorial there please?
The Big Alice, Long Island City Keyspan Power Plant for Sale - More East River condos adjacent to Roosevelt Island in the works? (Daily News)
Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and the Power of Words. (Wall Street Journal)
No more frustrating airline boarding calls - Astrophysicist found fastest way to board an airplane (Wired)
Crunchy Con Rod Dreher on Pew Forum Religion in American Life. (Belief Net)
Andrew Sulllivan on Rod Dreher and the Fluidity of Faith. (Andrew Sullivan)
Grocery stores growing elusive in NYC (Washington Post)
Legos for Grown ups - Pre Fab housing in New York City. (NY Times)


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