Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Roosevelt Island Monthly Public Safety Report for February 2008

Here is link to report.

It is interesting that of the 140 February Public Safety responses, 45 or slightly more than 30%, were for coming to the aid of someone needing medical attention.

Here is the 24 hour Daily Public Safety report from January 18 - March 10.


Anonymous said...

I think the entire PSD establishment ought to be questioned, and severely downsized. Have you looked at what it costs the residents directly? I believe each of Island House, Westview, and Rivercross pays close to $200,000/year to support it. And where do most of its resources go? To incidents in the low income buildings and the garage. To picking up elderly off the floor in Eastwood. It's really an outrage when you sort it out. The (WIR)not E buildings would be much better off with the NYC police, for which we already pay taxes at the same rate as every other resident of NYC. So as far as I'm concerned, PSD is largely useless Taxation without Representation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you do understand the closest precinct is in Queens across the bridge correct? So, when you get robbed I expect you would rather wait for NYPD to respond from Queens? Or for that matter do you even know the history of PSD and that the 114 PCT. and the City Of New York both disapproved a satellite NYPD station here on the island NUMEROUS times. And, it's too bad you feel that way about the people in Eastwood, maybe you should go over there and confront some residents. I am sure you'll get things done. See you on the tram jerk.

Anonymous said...

I will have to say that PSD is doing a great job. Downsize? If anything they need more uniformed officers on the streets. PSD is equal to NYPD in my opinion. they are both qualified uniformed officers and have knowledge of the law. I have spoken to many of them on numerous occasions. Some are new officers and they are very excited about being here on our great island. I hope one day you need help or aid. Call NYPD, cause they will not respond. Call PSD and they will show up within 2 minutes. I am sure you are just a crabby old resident who has a terrible life and wants to pick on people who obviously have it better than you.

Anonymous said...

I respect PSD 100% and never look at them in a degrading way. Their salaries are much lower than of a NYPD cop and basically recieve the same service. I dont know about you guys, but a quick response is what really matters from a uniformed officer. They surely need to get more officers if anything.