Monday, April 7, 2008

Vandalism and Graffiti at Renwick Ruins - Didn't They Read the Sign?

Image of Renwick Ruins graffiti by Press HD

Two recent incidents of vandalism and graffiti in and near Renwick Ruins at Southpoint Park reported by Roosevelt Island 24 Hour Public Safety Reports. Looks like the NO TRESPASSING NO LOITERING sign did not help much.
4/6/07-700 AM to 4/7/08-700 AM
Criminal Mischief-S/O 200 Main Street the lights surrounding South Point Park were torn down. Search for the subject yielded negative results. Damaged lights found at scene.

4/5 -4/6/08
Graffiti- S/O 1 Main Street at South Point Park (in Ruins Light Pole). Search for the subject yielded negative results.
Roosevelt Island blogger Press HD has more:
It’s been about three weeks since the brush on the east channel side of Southpoint Park was set fire and today another incident of vandalism in the park.

The vandalism was discovered at 4:30pm Sunday during a walk through the park. Several walls of the Renwick Ruin have been defaced with bright red spray paint and six-letters spelling out a racial slur were painted on six of the spotlights that illuminate the ruins. Cables, light bulbs and fixtures have been pulled from parts of the fence that surrounds the park.