Thursday, May 1, 2008

Build The Incredible Queensboro Bridge Wind Turbine Machine to Celebrate Bridge's 100th Birthday!

Image of Queensboro Wind Turbine from Andrea Polli

Yesterday morning, the New York City Bridge Centennial Commission announced a series of events to commemorate the 100th birthday of 6 New York City Bridges. As Gothamist reports:
The six centennial spans are the Madison Avenue, Manhattan, Borden Avenue, Pelham Bay, University Heights and Queensboro bridges.
It would be fitting to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Queensboro bridge by re-visiting the proposal of New York City artist Andrea Polli to install several wind power turbines at the top of the bridge. Polli, a media professor at Hunter College is also:
a member of the steering committee for New York 2050, a wide-reaching project envisioning the future of the New York City region, she is currently working with city planners, environmental scientists, historians and other experts to look at the impact of climate on the future of human life both locally and globally.
Depending on the ultimate size and design of the Queensboro Bridge Wind Turbine Machine, it could provide a renewable source of energy powering the necklace lights on the bridge and power our own Roosevelt Island walkways directly below while restoring the look of the original bridge spires. (Hat tip to Roosevelt Island 360)

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