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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Young Roosevelt Island Community Activists Get The Job Done - Is World Peace Next On their List?

Remember David and Emilia? They are the young Roosevelt Island community activists who were so concerned about this metal strip being a danger to children playing at Capobianco playground that they wrote a letter to "Mr. President", that is RIOC President Steve Shane, asking that it be repaired.

I am happy to report that David and Emilia got the job done with help from RIOC President Shane. The metal strip as well as some other railroad ties were quickly removed and are no longer a danger to Roosevelt Island children. For future similar problems, Mr. Shane advises:

All anyone has to do is ask. We appreciate all the extra eyes and ears (of all sizes).
Here are David and Emilia showing "Mr. President" Shane the repaired sidewalk. Good job by all involved.

As suggested by our friends at Curbed, now maybe David and Emilia can start working on world peace.