Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watching The Detectives - April 2008 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Statistics

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Here are the Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Reports for January 19- April 2008 and May - June 21 2008 including:
6/21 - Smoke Bomb- Thrown into PSD office, search made negative results.
Public Safety Director Keith Guerra advises that:
Nobody was injured. It was a kid's prank. Apparently, when the Desk
Officer turned his back, a youth tossed a small smoke bomb into the
lobby. A canvass was done with negative results. A possible suspect
was confronted but a positive ID could not be made. Video camera's are
being viewed.
Other Roosevelt Island Public Safety incident include:
6/13 - Petit Larceny- Three subjects stopped, property returned to owner.

6/12 - Investigation - Store owner requested PSD to remove person from store. PSD escorted person out of store.

6/11 -
Graffiti/ Possession Graffiti Instrument- Subject arrested by PSD.

6/10 -
Unattended Dog- Owner left a dog unattended in hot weather without water. Owner notified if it occurs again that Animal care and control will be notified.

6/6 -
Assault - Three (3) male subjects attacked off island male. Victim refused NYPD and EMS. Search made with negative results.

6/4 -
Investigation- Female alleged male following her. NYPD and PSD responded. Male was questioned and stated he was looking for a parking spot.

6/1 -
Water Rescue- Male in a kayak flipped over on the West Channel. FDNY and NYPD Harbor patrol pulled him out. He refused tranport to the Hospital.

5/24 -
Alcohol Open Container- 15 Subjects arrested by PSD.
Also, below is a breakdown of Roosevelt Island Public Safety statistics for April 2008 categorized by Calls for Service, Index of Crimes, Misdemeanors and Non- Crime Violations. As in previous months, the largest number of Public Safety responses (43) were for coming to the aid of injured or sick persons.

Read this document on Scribd: aprilpublicsafetystats