Thursday, November 13, 2008

Drive Thru Roosevelt Island at Night - Good Directions But Where Are The People?

You Tube Video of Night Time Drive through Roosevelt Island

Let's take a drive through Roosevelt Island at night. First, cross the 36th Avenue Bridge from Long Island City, make a right at the bottom of the ramp heading towards Manhattan Park, then 3 consecutive lefts on River Road followed by a right on Main Street. Stay on Main Street past the original WIRE Buildings, the subway and Southtown's Riverwalk complex before turning left at the Tram. Another left by the Tram Circle will bring you back to Main Street on the Queens side of Southtown. Stay on Main Street until you get to the 36th Avenue Bridge ramp just before the Gristedes supermarket, make a right on to the Bridge and your back in Queens.

Did you notice there were no people on the streets of Roosevelt Island the night this video was shot. No idea what time it was shot but one thing that has always creeped me out about Roosevelt Island is the almost total absence of people walking on the street at night though it is understandable since there is no place to go.


Mike G. said...

Well, the directions would USUALLY be good.

Right now, that first left onto River Road would drive you into the AVAC repair hole (if you ignore the barrier blocking RR) :)

Anonymous said...

I think I saw at least 2 people. The sidewalk area is kind of a blur but maybe if you slowed the piece down you might be able to see more.

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