Friday, November 14, 2008

Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue (RISAR) CPR and First Aid Classes Available - Has Conflict With RIOC Been Settled?

Image of Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue Team from Main Street WIRE (PDF File)

Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue sends the following message to Roosevelt Island residents:
... Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue (RISAR) holds monthly classes in CRP and Basic First Aid. Discounts are available for RI Residents and RI Organizations. More information can be obtained by contacting 212-752-4003. The price of the classes are fully tax deductable.
The May 17 2008 Main Street WIRE (PDF File) reported on a conflict between RISAR and RIOC. According to the WIRE:
A determined Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue organization (RISAR) is enthusiastic about providing emergency medical support to Roosevelt Island residents.

The administration at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) and the Public Safety Department (PSD) see RISAR’s enthusiasm, which it says it welcomes, as a bit misdirected – to the point of breaking the law to be competitive.

The organization of residents that’s RISAR – and the New York State public-benefit corporation – that’s RIOC – have been at odds over just what RISAR may and may not do on Roosevelt Island....
Commenting on this earlier post describing the permanent stationing of an ambulance on Roosevelt Island, Assistant Chief RISAR writes:
If you read the FDNY site, it states that "It will respond to calls on Roosevelt Island as well as in Queens, when necessary"

This ambulance was just re-deployed from another location. It is not that FDNY assigned or placed into service a "new" ambulance.

As of the time of this posting, there has been NO AMBULANCE stationed on the Island for the last 5 hours, as it has been on another assignment.

This is why Roosevelt Island Search and Rescue (RISAR) is attempting to provide a First Responce Medical Service to the Island, as well as obtaining an Ambulance Operating Certificate so there will ALWAYS be an ambulance dedicated to the RI Community.
I don't know if RISAR has obtained all necessary approvals and permits yet or if the conflict between RIOC and RISAR has been resolved yet. Hope so.