Friday, January 9, 2009

Things To Do This Weekend in New York City & Roosevelt Island - Bull Riding, No Pants Subway Ride, Rare Central Park Walk and Roosevelt Island Tour

You Tube Video of No Pants NYC Subway Ride 2007

Looking for fun things to do on Roosevelt Island or in some other part of New York City this weekend? Here are some suggestions.

Tonight and through Sunday, mosey on down to Madison Square Garden and watch the Professional Bull Riders show their stuff in the Toughest Sport on Dirt.
...New Yorkers will once again be treated to unique sights and sounds - 700 tons of dirt ... the top 45 bull riders ... and the rankest 2,000 pound bulls in the world!
On Saturday afternoon, Free NYC recommends participating in the 8th Annual No Pants Subway Ride. Organized by Improv Everywhere, the participatory No Pants Subway Ride works as follow:
... Sit in the car as you normally would. Read a magazine or whatever you would normally do. Your team leader will have already divided you into smaller groups, assigning your group a specific stop where you will depants. Sit near your group.

As soon as the doors shut at the stop before yours, stand up and take your pants off and put them in your backpack. If you’d like to use a briefcase, purse, grocery bag, or whatever instead of a backpack that’s fine too. You are responsible for your own pants and they should be with you at all times. If anyone asks you why you’ve removed your pants, tell them that they were “getting uncomfortable” (or something along those lines.)...
On Sunday, take a tour of Central Park's Hallet Sanctuary.
Hallet Unlocked Central Park's only nature preserve will be opened for your enjoyment. Learn about its history and enjoy some special birding as we peruse its paths. Location: Central Park: Meet at Gapstow Bridge More Information: (212) 628-2345
Hallet Nature Sanctuary:
...was originally set aside as a bird sanctuary in 1934, went through a long period of neglect, but was then restored in the 1980's. This four acre plot of land is bounded on three sides by the Pond and is only yards away from the bustle of Central Park South and the Plaza Hotel some fifty feet above. Yet here can be found an amazing array of migratory birds that stop by for visit on their way either north or south, as well as many year round residents such as bluejays and woodpeckers. You can also find rabbits, raccoons and woodchucks.
On Roosevelt Island this weekend, the Farmers Market will be open as usual on Saturday as is Gallery RIVAA, the Roosevelt Island Visual Arts Association which is exhibiting the Winter of Change group show. Also, RIOC has produced a great self guided tour map (PDF File) of Roosevelt Island for any visitor or resident looking to stroll the Island and learn something more about it.

Good weekend transportation news. The MTA is reporting normal Roosevelt Island F Train subway service in both directions and RIOC is not reporting any Tram service advisories either.

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