Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Learn More About Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 From The School's Parent Teacher Association - PTA Asked To Raise $100,000 For Teacher Development

Image of Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 From Geocities

Do you have a child attending Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 or are you considering doing so. In that case, the web page for the school's Parent Teacher Association should be of interest.
The PTA of PS/IS 217 is a non-profit corporation dedicated to enhancing the education of the students of the Roosevelt Island School. All parents of students enrolled in PS/IS 217 automatically become a member of the PTA.

At Roosevelt Island School, we are fortunate to have a combination of caring, concerned parents, and a group of dedicated teachers, staff and administration who instill in our children to excel not to settle.
The Roosevelt Island PTA is committed to assist in the education of all children. It is vital that we work together as a team to accomplish this goal. I urge all parents and teachers to attend PTA meetings. Your input is important and will always be welcomed. As parents, it is our obligation to keep ourselves informed and involved in the education of our children....
PS/IS 217 is described as a "Big City School with a small town feel." It's mission statement:
... PS/IS 217 is a unique community of Pre Kindergarten through Eighth Grade International learners in which all children are encouraged and supported to meet high academic standards, to meet and exceed their own personal goals, to become independent thinkers and develop a life long love of learning. We empower our diverse student body and recognize the strengths of each individual student. We understand and celebrate that all students learn differently. Through best practices in teaching and skillful planning, students are actively involved throughout the day in all subject areas working in partnerships, groups, and independently. Students are supported and challenged throughout the child-centered curriculum.
The PTA is being:
...asked by the school administration to raise an additional $100,000 next year to pay for professional development for our teachers.
The New York City Department of Education progress report grade for Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 for the 2007-08 school year was a C. According to the report:
  • This school's overall score for 2007-08 is 47.4
  • This score places the School in the 25 percentile of all K-8 schools Citywide–i.e., 25 percent of those schools scored lower than this school
  • This school did not meet its improvement target from last year
More information on Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 is available here.

There is a poll question on whether the school should establish a gifted and talented program for students on the right side column. To date, 102 votes are in favor of a G & T program and 21 votes are against.


Anonymous said...

What's funny about the school administration wanting the PTA to raise $100,000 for teacher development. Which I feel should happen, but here is my dismay on that. In recent years the school has been given grants and never did anything with them. A couple years ago the school had a grant for over $100,000 and let it slip by and never did anything with that. The school Library needs to be updated and get rid of the older books and get some new ones in. The playground area needs to be redone. It just seems like the school administration needs to take care of the kids as well as the teachers. How come students can't take books out of the library. I would be concerned for my child playing on that playground..