Monday, March 2, 2009

Roosevelt Island's Main Street WIRE On The Web

Main Street WIRE logo from nyc1004

Individual articles from Roosevelt Island's local community newspaper, The Main Street WIRE, are now more easily accessible on the web. Below are links to the 2/21/09 issue.

Emergency Stay of Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings Electricity Submetering.
Interview With Urban America's Douglas Eisenberg on Eastwood Electricity Submetering.
United Nations School Attracts Roosevelt Islanders.
Profile of Trellis Diner Owner and Plans for Future.
DHCR Approves 15% Rent Hike at Island House.
New York National Bank Leaving Roosevelt Island


Anonymous said...

The current multiple schedules are apparently difficult to implement smoothly without a starter located "midtown".
The situation is aggrevated by the fact that when a bus is late for the tram you have to wait again.
Has anyone estimated the cost of the buses circling continuously, say,with a minimum interval from the starting point that can be varied depending on the time of the day ? I have seen three buses line up at the tram !!!
Do all the buses have to go to the Northtown which has the smallest population share of all the areas ?
Would it make sense to have a northern circle route and repeat
and a southern circle route during non-rush hours ? That would save a lot of gasoline (especially if the bus fare is eliminated in order to increase efficiency)