Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pooping Pigeons Plague Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Station - Look Out Below!

Image of Pigeon waiting for F Train with other Roosevelt Islanders

Traditional metrics for evaluating the MTA's subway service include criteria such as on time performance of the trains, passenger overcrowding, crime, escalator and elevator outages etc. Now we can add a new item for measuring subway service - PIGEON POOP DROPPINGS - and the Roosevelt Island F Train Station fails horribly.

Pigeons are all over the subway station and leave their delightful calling cards on the ground, the turnstiles, stairs and everywhere else. I recall a time not too long ago when as I was sweeping my metro card through the turnstile machine a big glob of pigeon poop landed on my hand and card. Not a very pleasant experience!

A reader sent in these Roosevelt Island Subway Pigeon Poop Pictures.

Someone once told me that it is good luck to be pigeon pooped on your head but I think that is an honor I can do without.

Blogger Annietown had some thoughts on pigeon pooping on head luck idea.
... Here’s the thing: a bird takes a dump on me EVERY YEAR. And I don’t even spend a lot of time outdoors. In fact, one might say that I do not like the outdoors and am generally suspicious of anything that does not have four walls and a roof. Last year I was walking down 8th Ave and 50th St. and a bird just laid one on me. I mean it’s MIDTOWN. There’s zero chance of nature there. And yet there I was, with bird shit on my sleeve and all over my watch. The year before that it was actually on my head. Everyone loves to tell you that it’s good luck, but then why don’t they make bird shit key chains like a rabbit’s foot? Everyone is clearly lying and they are horrible horrible people. It’s good luck for the bird.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you brought this up!! Looks like i am not the only one who feels like a victim of those pigeons..

Boss Lady said...

A pigeon pooped on my hand when i was buying a metro card one morning on my way to work. It did not start my day well at all.

Anonymous said...

pigeons = $hit hawks

Anonymous said...

Can't the MTA get some pest control people in for this?? or the RIOC? or whoever's in charge? SPCA?

Russ said...

Pigeon poop may contain the deadly cryptococcus Neoformans, an encapsulated yeast capable of producing meningitis, etc. The European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases calls c. Neoformans "an important disease with high mortality". Our National Center for Disease Control advises that if you want to avoid this deadly infection, stay away from bird, especially pigeon poop. The perfect environment for the growth of c. Neoformans is the digestive tract of pigeons. Cryptococcus Neoformans is so deadly, it has "crypt" in its name. How many people must die before the MTA takes action? Will the Board of Directors of the MTA be exposed to pigeon poop?

Anonymous said...

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BrokenWing said...

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