Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manhattan Parents Not Considering Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 Gifted & Talented School Program - Nightmare To Get To Says One

Image of PS/IS 217 From Geocities

A New York City School District 2 parent whose child got accepted into the Gifted & Talented program blogs under the name NYC Gifted And Talented and searches for the best program in which to enroll the child This particular parent did not think much of Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 Gifted & Talented Program although it does not appear that this parent ever visited the school. The Blogger writes:
... Overall, the parents we spoke with LOVED P.S. 77 Lower Lab school on the UES. For us, it just had to do with logistics and getting to the UES in time for school to begin. Even in a cab, it would take 20-25 minutes minimum to get up there – and that’s on a good day. We didn’t meet any parents for the NYC G&T program that visited P.S. 217 on Roosevelt Island. Let’s get for real, would I really want to go through the nightmare that it would take to get to Roosevelt Island? Pardon my ignornance, but I didn’t even realize Roosevelt Island was part of Manhattan. I was a little shocked to see that particular school on the list....
I recently asked Roosvelt Island's PS/IS 217 Principal Mandama Beckman about the school's G & T program:
I understand that a Gifted & Talented School Program will be established at Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 during the next school year and that tours of the school will be held for interested parties on May 7 and 14.
If you care to comment on this development, I would be happy to post your thoughts on Roosevelt Islander blog.
Ms. Beckman replies:
My apologies for not communicating with you sooner.

PS/IS 217 held successful Gifted and Talented tours over the past two weeks. We had many families visit the school and we spoke to several families over the phone.We are looking forward to having the Gifted and Talented program at PS/IS 217 and are hopeful that enough families will select PS/IS 217 as their first choice. Our school's high achievement is based on our talented teaching staff, engaged students, wonderful facility, dedicated families and support from Council Member Lappin and Assembly Member Kellner. PS/IS 217 is a neighborhood school and a Gifted and Talented Program would be a wonderful addition to many opportunities that we offer.
The Roosevelt Island Tram being out of service for the first half of the school year is certainly not going to help Manhattan parents feel comfortable sending their kids to PS/IS 217.


Anonymous said...

Well, we don't really know anything until the placement letters are sent out in three weeks or so. No matter what the blogger said she has no control over at what school her child will eventually end up. It is solely based on the G&T test scores. If her kid scored high (in the 98th-99th percentile range) her child will definitely get into her first two or three choices. If her kid is rather on the low side (anything below 96th percentile or so, unfortunately) there is a good chance that the DOE will assign her kid to 217. It is up to her, though, to accept the spot or not. The DOE only gives you one chance.

Anonymous said...

I live on RI and would not send my children to that school. Why in the world would any UES parents ship their children there? Be serious, any families that care about education send their children to Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

217 is not *that* bad. If you look at the G&T choices you have in district 2 PS 217 is definitely not the worst school you can pick.