Friday, July 17, 2009

Roosevelt Island Octagon Residents Petition Building Management To Provide Window Screens - The Building Is Not Green Without Them

Image of Window Screen From Find Replacement Windows

Residents of Roosevelt Island "Green" Octagon Building are circulating a petition to have the building management provide window screens for their apartments. Below is the Petition:
We the residents of The Octagon at 888 Main Street, New York, NY 10044 demand that the owners of the building install window screens on ALL residents' apartment windows. The fact that there are no screens on the windows of this building is unacceptable to the residents of the building and we demand that the building owners and management take immediate action to remedy the situation.

As a so-called "green" building, this property is no such thing. Residents are forced to use air conditioning units instead of opening their windows because without window screens, within moments of opening the windows, the apartments fill with an extraordinary number of insects and bugs. Using the air conditioning units when the most appropriate alternative would be to open a window wastes energy and increases the monthly expenses of the tenants.

Residents should not be expected to deal with or accept the insect and bug problem caused by the lack of window screens. Insects and bugs are more than just a nuisance, they are a health hazard to both humans and pets. In addition to potentially dangerous allergic reactions caused by insect bites, insects and bugs carry diseases that can be transmitted to both humans and pets.

We feel that the present state of screenless windows at The Octagon voids the building's other energy efficient features and therefore the continued promotion of The Octagon as a "green" building to be deceptive in nature.

We, the residents of The Octagon demand and expect the property owners and building management to address and correct this situation by installing window screens on all residents' apartment windows within a reasonable timetable.
Click here if you are an Octagon resident and wish to sign the petition.

I don't understand how a very expensive, so-called luxury rental building fails to provide window screens to their tenants. I was very unhappy to learn when I moved into my building in Southtown that screens were not provided either. Manhattan Park provides screens to their tenants as do most luxury rental Manhattan buildings and so should the Octagon and Riverwalk buildings.

Good Luck with the Petition, Octagoners!


Sampson Greenovich said...

I think there is a lot of efficiency that comes from having an elevator installed in the home. I never would have gotten all of my furniture up to my second and third story if it weren't for my elevator. I first discovered elevators like this in my friend's home, and he is a paraplegic.