Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Looking For That Fantastic New York City Romantic Date - Try Roosevelt Island's Trellis Diner. Huh?

You Tube Video of Eric Ripert NYC Restaurant Tips

Picture this - you're looking for that wonderful romantic New York City Restaurant to set the right mood for your special person and wondering where to go. The top three choices from Zagats are:
  • Daniel
  • Le Grenouille and
  • River Cafe
But if you are looking for something a little bit different, a contributor to Associated Content suggests - Now Don't Faint From Shock - a Roosevelt Island institution. The Trellis Diner.

Trellis Diner Image From lenglekim

According to the reviewer:
... If you're planning a romantic date, Trellis Restaurant is a fantastic choice for this, think about it - A decent restaurant in a cozy neighborhood, take her for a quiet walk in the park afterwards or better yet, alongside the East River walkway and savor the lovely skyline of Manhattan or the cruise ships that pass. Trellis Restaurant stands out for these types of occasions because it is backed by its uniquely secluded Roosevelt Island setting...
The writer is a monthly visitor with his family and concludes:
... Trellis Restaurant is one of the highlights on Roosevelt Island. Much like the local community of Roosevelt Island itself, it's nothing spectacular but it's small and sweet. Trellis Restaurant a basic diner with a friendly staff and a unique cozy setting...
After that romantic Trellis experience and waterfront stroll, remember the Roosevelt Island Tram was named the second most romantic place in New York City.


Anonymous said...

Nice to read suc favorable comments

What "cruise ships" did he see ?
The Cirle Line boats ?

Anonymous said...

Probably the barges.

Anonymous said...

Some of the dinner cruise boats go by.

Anonymous said...

Or those obnoxiously loud party boats in the summer. When those pass by it's like having my stereo all turned up to maximum volume even though I am already 20 floors up high.