Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Volunteer Opportunity On Roosevelt Island To Help The Homebound With DASH - The Disabled Association Support For The Homebound

Link: Independence at Home: The Roosevelt Doctor

I often get inquires from readers looking for volunteer opportunities on Roosevelt Island. If you are interested in helping your neighbors by volunteering here on Roosevelt Island, please consider the Disabled Association Support for the Homebound (DASH) which was initiated recently by Roosevelt Island Doctor Jack Resnick. Louella Streitz sent this message describing DASH.
Another wonderful Roosevelt Island initiative, by the community – for the community – to help our Homebound.

DASH, (Disabled Association Support for the Homebound), a non-profit organization, is seeking volunteers to help successfully run this initiative. Please sign up on our website or call 1-917-558 0534. Louella Streitz and Sara Metzidakis are managing this initiative. If you do know someone who would benefit from some DASH support, please do encourage them to contact us.

Our goal is to “fill in the cracks” for our Roosevelt Island Homebound ,to ensure that their other-than-basic -needs are met - caringly, especially in times of sickness or loneliness.
This project is looking to help the homebound in different ways – , a “hello” visit, a “Cheer-up” call, taking someone for a walk and fresh air, picking up/delivering medication, being a secure companion to get money from the ATM, visiting with pets, running errands, grocery shopping, reading to them, writing cards/letters for them - anything to provide an additional smile.

We are working with some of the already established groups on the Island for maximum outreach. Please help us reach this goal and make this a successful initiative by volunteering. It’s only with your great support will we be able to run this program.
Sometimes, all it takes is a simple act of human kindness to make someone else feel good and yourself as well.