Monday, April 26, 2010

Opening Day Of The Roosevelt Island Adult Softball Meetup Group Was Lots Of Fun - Come Join Us For Future Games

Corner of Firemen's Field

It was a Roosevelt Island Field of Dreams. There were about 16 players who showed up, some from Roosevelt Island the rest from other parts of NYC, who wanted to play in last Saturday's Opening Day of the Roosevelt Island Adult Pick-Up Softball Game. The weather was beautiful for the game played in the Northwestern corner of Firemen's Field because another group had arrived earlier and claimed the main portion of the field.

There were some pretty good players at the game hitting screaming line drives, deep shots over the outfielders heads and some slick fielding too. There were also some pop ups, dribblers and errors.

Unfortunately, none of the good plays were made by me. My one contribution was a mighty swing whiffing at the ball and then hitting a sick squibbler back to the pitcher which resulted in a throwing error allowing me to get to first base. The next batter hit a grounder and as I was going to second base I ran out of my shoes tumbling to the ground on the basepath. Very embarrassing!!!

At the end of the game, all agreed they had a very good time and would like to continue playing in the future as some lined up for the post-game photo -op and interview.

Another game is scheduled for next Saturday, May 1. According to the Roosevelt Island Adult Softball Meetup Group

Game 2

Saturday 9:30 AM

at Firefighters Field in New York, NY
Same as Game 1. Will probably be playing in the corner of Firefighters Field again. E-Mail will be sent if location changes. If attendance increases for Saturday morning games, we'll add another
If you are interested in playing this summer, come join the Roosevelt Island Adult Softball Meetup Group.

It was also great meeting people in person that I only knew online.

Below is a You Tube Video of a Monster Softball Home Run hit at Firemen's Field last Saturday but from another group, not ours.