Thursday, December 2, 2010

Service Suspended, The Men Behing The New York Tram Renovation Photo Exhibit Of Roosevelt Island Tram Project On Display This Week - Opening Reception Tonight At Lumen Gallery

Image By Jonas Cuenin From Roosevelt Island Tram Renovation Photo Exhibit Via France-Amerique

Service Suspended - The Men Behind The New York Tram Renovation is the title of a new exhibition displaying  photographs taken during the 9 month Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization Project that will be showing at the Lumen Gallery from December 2 - 7 with an opening reception tonight starting 6 PM. The Lumen Gallery is located at 221 East 6oth Street in Manhattan.

According to French Culture:
Two photographers, Carol Caver and Jonas Cuénin, painstakingly documented the activities of the American, French, Swiss and Canadian team throughout the entire renovation. One photographer witnessed the project from the exterior while the other observed the interior scenes, capturing fleeting moments of New York history from all angles. With their own interpretation, the photographers pay homage to the story of these workers.
Carol Caver is self-taught photographer who has discovered her life-long passion. A photo-journalist, Jonas Cuénin is a correspondent living in the United States.
I've spoken with Mr. Cuenin several times during the Tram Project. I learned that the project's contractor, POMA, provided Mr. Cuenin with special access to document the Tram renovation so I am looking forward to this exhibition particularly after seeing the photograph above and below of workers walking on beams over Second Avenue in front of the Queensboro Bridge.

 From a Google Translate version of a France Amerique article:
... Two photographers, American and French Carol Caver Jonas Cuénin photographed for four months the project's progress. The latter, a press photographer in New York (he also works at France-America), was hired by Poma to make a film on the work. "I realized I had the good fortune to have access to a symbolic place in New York that appears in many films. After two months, in parallel with the documentary Poma, I started work personal, more artistic. " Remembering the famous photos taken of the Iron Workers in the construction of the Empire State Building, the French photographer seized the stolen moments of these brave workers....


Anonymous said...

WOW!! This looks fabulous - can't wait to see the exhibit!!!

Anonymous said...

To the Editor --

Please be sure that readers understand that "Service Suspended..." is the title of this wonderful exhibit and NOT the status of the Tram today...

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