Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fantastic Irish Dancing Flash Mob For St Patrick's Day From Australia - Have Fun, Celebrate The Day But Watch Out For That Old Black Rum

Here's a St. Patrick's Day treat from down under in Australia. An Irish Dance Flash Mob celebration of St. Patrick's Day at the Sydney Rail Station. According to the Riverdance blog:
Over 100 dancers spread St Patrick’s Day cheer in Sydney as Irish Dancing erupted in spectacular Central Station Sydney. Dancers included members of Riverdance and school children.

Organised and co ordinated by Jason Oremus, Chris Naish and the Sneaky Steppers crew.

You Tube Video Of Australian St Patrick's Day Irish Dance Flash Mob

Roosevelt Island had it's own flash mob event a couple of years ago with the MP3 experiment - remember that?

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the Irish and those who want to be today, but, as Great Big Sea warns, be careful of That Old Black Rum.

You Tube Video Of Great Big Sea's Old Black Rum

Great Big Sea is a Canadian Band from Newfoundland and one of my favorites. Hope to see the boys back in New York City soon.