Monday, April 18, 2011

Roosevelt Island Subway Station Doors Still Broken After More Than a Year, Borough President Scott Stringer Wants Answers From the MTA - Here's How F Train Came to Roosevelt Island Via 63rd Street Tunnel

Image of Broken Door at Roosevelt Island Subway Station Entrance From Trevre Andrews

The door to the entrance of the Roosevelt Island subway station is still broken but that has not stopped resident Trevre Andrews from trying to get the attention of the MTA F Line General Manager to fix the door. Last month Mr. Andrews emailed the F Line General Manager asking:
The street level door at the Roosevelt Island F train station has been broken for more than a year now.  Could we please have it fixed?  Thanks.

See below, it looked about the same this morning.
Last week, Mr. Andrews tried again emailing the F Line General Manager:
I went through the F-train station today on Roosevelt Island and see that now 2 out of the 3 doors are broken.  Can you let me know what the plan is for repairing them?  Thanks.
The Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is now on the case as well but Mr. Stringer is going right to the top of the MTA with this letter to MTA Chairman Jay Walder. (Link to letter in Google Docs)

Roosevelt Island Subway Station Letter to MTA

Mr. Stringer's letter is as a result of this meeting held last month in which the Borough President spoke with a group of Roosevelt Island residents about a variety of issues concerning Roosevelt Island. At the meeting, Mr. Stringer promised to contact the MTA about the subway door and platform leak which he mentioned in the letter. Another subway issue which was discussed at the meeting with Mr. Stringer was the disgusting perennial pigeon poop plaguing the Roosevelt Island station but that unfortunately has not made the letter to the MTA Chairman.

We shall see if Borough President Stringer has any better luck in getting the Roosevelt Island subway door entrance fixed than our own resident Mr. Andrews. If he does, then let's start working on the pigeon poop.

Have you ever wondered how subway service came to Roosevelt Island in the first place? Here's a fascinating video via Second Avenue Sagas showing how the F Train came to Roosevelt Island by way of the 63rd Street Tunnel.

You Tube Video on Making of East River Subway Tunnel via 2nd Ave Sagas


GJV said...

Any chance the MTA could install one or two revolving doors at the F subway station entrance, along with one large automatic door with a handicap access button for those who cannot get through the revolving door(s)? I'd imagine the revolving door would prevent the pigeons from entering the station.

Anonymous said...

I think the water leak on the Manhattan platform has become worse. It appears that water is now also dripping from the ceiling in two spots close to the closet and drains into the tracks. I do not want to imagine what's going to happen if anybody slips there. How hard is it to fix a water leak? It's been like this for a couple years or so. I guess that's a trick question. It takes the MTA to fix a water leak just as long as it takes them to fix a simple door (or much longer).

Talking about a couple of years. What can we do to get the sidewalk on Vernon Blvd right at the southern end of Rainey Park fixed? That part has been barricaded off for at least two years now and pedestrians have to go into the street and use the bike lane to get around that patch. Imagine doing this with a shopping cart full of Costco stuff or strollers. Not quite the greatest street to do that.

Anonymous said...

GJV, most people will still use the sliding door to get in (because it is less work to push a button than to push a revolving door). Not sure if that will help getting rid of the pigeons.

Anonymous said...

There is also a water leak (drip) about 1/2 way down the upper, decending escalator.

Gregor said...

To Anonymous at 1:32pm: Rainey is heavily used by Ravenswood and Queensbridge residents - the pjs. Is it any surprise the City takes 2 years to fix a sidewalk adjacent to a park that mostly "project" people use? This is what the Bloomberg administration thinks of the poor in NY: They can fall on their faces and break their necks as far as it is concerned. Fixing that sidewalk gets "slo-mo" priority in the Bloomberg administration - like, not getting it fixed - ever.

Anonymous said...

Well, Gregor, I really doubt this has anything to do with project housing and poor people. This is plain and simple something that fell through the cracks. Maybe a call to 311 will achieve something. Maybe one of us should just trip and fall and sue the city to get it finally fixed :)

Anonymous said...

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