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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bicycle Stolen at Roosevelt Island Subway Rack, Males Arrested For Fighting in Public, Unfounded Investigation of Marijuana Possession and March Roosevelt Island Public Safety Blotter

Image of Roosevelt Island Subway Bicycle Rack

The 5/8 - 5/9 Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Report indicated:
Larceny-PSD filed a report.
I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Director Keith Guerra for additional information. Mr. Guerra replied:
The Complainant reported that she parked her bicycle (valued at $120.00) on the Bike Rack at the Subway Station on Saturday, May 7th at approximately 10:00am. Upon her return to the island at approximately 9:00pm, her bike was gone. She reported this to PSD on Sunday, May 8th.
I also inquired of Director Guerra about these other incidents from the 5/3 -5/4 Public Safety Report as well:
Arrests- Subjects arrested by PSD.


Investigation-Realtive to known subject.
Director Guerra responded:
In reference to the first incident, two males were arrested for fighting in public and issued summons.

The second incident involved the Investigation of Possession of Marijuana on Roosevelt Landings Property, which was unfounded.
Below is the March 2011 Public Safety Blotter which provides more detailed information on Roosevelt Island Public Safety incidents for that month including:
  • 3/31 - 563 Main Street - Female victim advised unknown person emailed her using a friends name asking for money. Victim sent over $7,000 to unknown subject. Victim went to 114 Pct for report.
  • 3/10 - S/O 1 Main Street - While on patrol four vehicles pulled up to location wanting to speak with union workers. R/O advised the group to disperse that they were not authorized to enter. Group complied with lawful order.
  • 3/5 - 531 Main Street - Dispute between leaseholder (male subject) and tenant (female victim). R/O responded to location where victim stated she feared for her safety. Victim collected her belongings with R/O present. Subject wrote victim a check for the rent and security deposit return and victim returned the key.
  • 3/31 - 531 Main Street - Reporter advises of alleged individuals gaining access to her apartment illegally, placing electronic shock devices in her bed and theft of personal property. NYPD refuses to take report. Reporter has made this complaint on several occasions. Forwarded to building management.
  • 3/4 - 580 Main Street - Raw sewage coming out of bathtub and toilet causing damage to rugs. Super on scene to correct the condition.
  • 3/2 - 465 Main Street - Unknown subjects covered parking sensors with paint. Search of area for subjects yielded negative results. Condition to be corrected.
  • 3/11 - 546 Main Street - While on patrol unknown individuals threw a bucket of water on and
    yelled profanities directed at R/O from the stairwell of location. Search of area yielded negative results and
  • 3/14 - 560 Main Street - Victims advised while they were sleeping unknown individuals entered their apartment taking several electronic items. Victims also advised they left their apartment door open. NYPD on scene for report.
March 2011 RI Public Safety Blotter

The January - March 2011 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Monthly Statistics are here.


Anonymous said...

Romaine must have left before they arrived.

michelle baker said...

my husband and I had our bicycles stolen in december. When he went to public safety to file a report the officer laughed at him, and then filled the report out. They had also been locked at the bicycle rack.

jr said...

the rira must do something about this .

jr said...

this is roosevelt island , its always been like this .you wont ever read about these kinds of things happanding, in the main street wire .as they cover things like this up .rioc keeps all this under cover . the owners want those high rents .

Gregor said...

I had a bike stolen once that was chained to a fence at an extremely busy intersection beside a college campus in broad daylight. It wasn't even that good a bike. Bikes are favorite targets of theft. I suggest RIOC install anti-theft videocams at all bike parking locations and prominently post a sign that the parking area is under video surveillance. This at least will serve as a deterrent. Another option is to install the bike version of LoJak - or a similar system to the microchipping of pets - so that if a bike is stolen, it's location can be pinpointed. That would also certainly serve to deter bike theifs!

Anonymous said...

I remember during the day time hours, there use to be an officer doing a stolen bike engraving program. He would note the serial # and etch a unique serial number on the bike frame. I dont know if they still do that, but it wouldnt hurt to ask. I know for sure it was only during the day time hours.

Anonymous said...

We really need safe bicycle parking here on the island. When the escalator is removed at Motorpark, that would be the perfect place to have safe. cheap bike storage!

Anonymous said...

Yes, RIOC President, please get rid of that escalator in the Motorgate's Atrium. It's the biggest eye-sore on the island and the space could be used for something better.

Gregor said...

RIOC President, the above 2 posters are right. If you are not going to fix the escalator in Motorgate, why not simply remove it. There is already access to that level of Motorgate via elevator and stairs so the escalator is hardly necessary. Removing it would free up space that would be most suitable for indoor bike parking/storage.

JR said...


Anonymous said...

JR is at it again, hate hate hate hate hate. If you havnt had enough of this poser, check his other opins with regards to many other topics on this blog.

jr said...

i would like the island to have a big block party .but it will only be for the oldtimers on the island , not the new people .when ever i see the red express but i give the people on it the finger.we never had a red express bus on this island , you people think you are better than us , well you are not.

jr said...

when is rioc going to build affordable housing on this island.t

Anonymous said...

Hey JR, It is affordable already. all you need to do is get a job and a life.