Friday, May 13, 2011

Jerry Seinfeld's First Television Comedy Routine Joked About Roosevelt Island Tram - A Terrific Amusement Ride For New York City

Did you know that the Roosevelt Island Tram was the subject of Jerry Seinfeld's very first television comedy routine?

You Tube Video of Jerry Seinfeld's Roosevelt Island Tram Joke

According to the NY Times Art Beat:
... Among the video clips that will appear on that site is a recording of Mr. Seinfeld’s very first television appearance in 1977 on “Celebrity Cabaret,” a comedy series that was recorded in New York and syndicated nationally. In that clip (which you can see below in a less-than-pristine format), a bespectacled Mr. Seinfeld – about 21 or 22 at the time, and far less polished than we’re used to seeing him – tells an embryonic joke about the Roosevelt Island Tramway and the New York-based amusement-park rides it might inspire....
Here's a quick one minute trip on the Tram from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. Sometimes, near the Tower's, the Tram does shake a bit giving the sensation to some of a Roller Coaster

You Tube Video of 1 Minute Tram Ride

but, I agree with this young man's description of the Tram
... it is beautiful, what a sight...

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Tram Poem