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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Roosevelt Island Boot Camp Free Fitness Class At Sportspark Thursday Night May 26 - Callanetics, Plyometrics and Circuit Training Exercises To Help You Get and Stay In Shape

Island Boot Camp Flyer From RIOC

Are you looking to to start a new exercise workout program right here on Roosevelt Island? If so, consider the Island Bootcamp Free Fitness Program being held at Sportspark (250 Main Street) this Thursday from 6-7 PM and 7-8 PM. According to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp's (RIOC) Program Coordinator, Island Boot Camp is:
An hour long fitness class that incorporates Callanetics, Plyometrics, Circuit Training Exercises. The goal of the class is to create an environment of team building and positive reinforcement among the class participants, while training your body to be lean, powerful and fast.

There will be two classes, one at 6pm and one at 7pm.

For now, one time event.  If it gets a good turnout, that would possibly change.  We're only admitting people who are 16 and older and should be generally in good health.
Here's an example of Callanetics

You Tube Video of Callanetics Exercise Program

and how Callanetics helped one woman get in shape.

If you are looking to build power and speed, Plyometrics may be the program for you.

A less intensive version of Plyometrics is demonstrated here.

Why not give Roosevelt Island Bootcamp a try?

Good Luck!!!!


Janet Falk said...

This class was a great workout. Paul Thomas, the instructor, was very attentive to the four women in the 6:00 pm class. He encouraged us to work hard, without pressure or competition. Even if the exercises were not difficult, we all seemed to work up a sweat, judging by the amount of water that we drank in between rounds. The rock music was good, also. If RIOC is testing the waters for a future class, however, I might not join, because my work schedule is unpredictable and I cannot be sure I would make all the sessions.

happy glad said...

Know what? I am one of those that enjoy boot camp. Since I first experienced it I could not help but join even just once a year. Hey, why won’t you too? There are many boot camps you can choose from, you can even invite your teens of young friends to join. I know it is going to be great.