Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Roosevelt Island Summer Jobs Available for High School Graduates and College Students - Get Those Applications in Fast

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Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Leslie Torres May 6 report indicated:
...We are Hiring To help keep this Island beautiful throughout the summer, RIOC is once again recruiting for temporary summer staff positions. These opportunities are perfect for college students and graduating high school seniors. The minimum age requirement is 17 years. The positions will run from May 16th through September 9th, 2011.

We have several positions to be filled in a variety of departments, and are looking for hard working, energetic and upbeat candidates. Some of the work will be manual, and most will require working outdoors for the duration of the summer. Prior experience in gardening, cleaning, construction or manual labor is a plus, but not necessary.

We encourage Roosevelt Island’s student residents to apply. Interested candidates may apply through the Youth Center, by dropping a resume off at RIOC’s administrative office at 591 Main Street during business hours, or by e-mailing a resume to HRStaffing@RIOC.com.
I sent the following inquiry to Ms. Torres yesterday.
I understand from your most recent President's report that RIOC will be hiring high school graduates and college students for summer jobs on Roosevelt Island.

Can you provide any additional details as to how this process will work and the hiring procedures.

There was a concern expressed last year by some Directors that any RIOC summer jobs on Roosevelt Island give priority to Roosevelt Island residents over family, friends, relatives of RIOC, other State agencies or anyone else.

Can you advise how many summer jobs are available and if local Roosevelt Island residents will be given priority.
Earlier this morning, RIOC's Director of Human Resources replied:
In response to your e-mail inquiry to RIOC President, Leslie Torres regarding the hiring of seasonal workers, please be advised that RIOC follows all Federal, State and local equal employment guidelines when recruiting for all available positions.

There is no preferential hiring nor are positions held for any persons. All applicants who meet the requirements of the available positions are given equal opportunity. In the case of RIOC’s seasonal hiring, young people meeting the requirements from all over New York City and State are interviewed and several are subsequently offered positions.

RIOC uses various sources for recruiting to maximize the pool of available applicants, including those available on Roosevelt Island.
I responded:
Thanks for the response and here's a follow up.

I understand that RIOC must comply with all federal, state and local hiring laws and that if Federal, State and/or City money is being used to pay for seasonal summer workers then the opportunity to be hired for the jobs should be open to everyone.

However, if the funds for these seasonal summer jobs comes solely through RIOC, why should Roosevelt Island high school graduates and college students not get priority over others?

If the funds for the Roosevelt Island summer jobs comes from RIOC, is it legal to give priority to Roosevelt Island residents? If it is legal, why would RIOC not give such priority to Roosevelt Island young people?

Also, can you advise how many positions are available.
followed by RIOC's Human Resources Director:
Please be assured that RIOC's intention is to afford these employment opportunities to the most qualified candidates possible.  Whether they be RI residents or otherwise.  We fully intend to employ those RI residents who apply for and meet the minimum qualifications of the positions available.

The total number of positions is approximately 20.
If you are a Roosevelt Island High School graduate or college student looking for a summer job, get those applications in fast.


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you need to know some one in rioc for your kid to get a job for the summer , they are not playing fair when giving out these jobs ,the same kids get them every summer . the rira needs to look into this matter before the summer jobs are given out .