Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why Was Staten Island Ferry Passing Roosevelt Island On The East River Yesterday Afternoon?

Image of Staten Island Ferry Passing Roosevelt Island on East River From Jonathan Kalkin via Instagram

I received several inquiries yesterday reporting the sighting of the Staten Island Ferry passing Roosevelt Island on the East River Saturday afternoon and asking why?

Roosevelt Island resident Jonathan Kalkin shares the picture above and Tweeted:
Staten Island Ferry are you lost again?
In July of 2009, I also saw the Staten Island Ferry

 passing Roosevelt Island and posted:
... One of the pleasures of living on Roosevelt Island is the chance to see all kinds of boats traveling up and down the East River in the West Channel between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. We often see barge, tug, tour, motor and sail boats of all sizes, Coast Guard, NYPD, FDNY Boats as well as speed boats, kayaks and jet skis.

What we don't usually see but I did see on Saturday afternoon while walking on Roosevelt Island's West Waterfront Promenade was the Staten Island Ferry making it's way north on the East River passing Roosevelt Island.

I wondered what could be the reason for this? Was the Staten Island Ferry lost, did it make a wrong turn in NY Harbor or was it just trying to escape Staten Island and explore other parts of New York City?...
The answer to what the Staten Island Ferry was doing on the East River yesterday afternoon is the same this year as in 2009. From SI Live:
Staten Island Ferry becomes a floating carnival for 'God's Exceptional Children

... The Marine and Aviation Anchor Club, Branch 119, along with more than 24 other volunteer groups, came together and transformed the Staten Island ferryboat into a rocking party, complete with three DJ’s, clowns, hundreds of balloons and thousands of hot-dogs.

The “Boat Ride for God’s Exceptional Children” set sail Saturday morning with more than 3,000 children and adults with a variety of special needs for the 37th time....
Read the SI Live whole article here.