Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene Will Reach Roosevelt Island In The Early Morning - Stay Sheltered From The Storm Until The Rain Stops, Goodnight Hurricane Irene

Enough depressing Hurricane Irene threatening Roosevelt Island posts for the night. ( I hope). It's still a Saturday night, most of us have been stuck inside and bored so let's end the evening with some good music but keep in mind that Irene will be here in the morning.

So, I wish you all Shelter From The Storm,

You Tube Video of Bob Dylan's Shelter From The Storm

and hope that the rain stops soon. (Thanks to Mary Kay for the idea)

You Tube Video of Who'll Stop The Rain

Here's a song by a guy named Hurricane

You Tube Video of Hurricane's Smith Oh Babe - What Would You Say

and a goodnight to Irene.

You Tube Video of Willie Nelson's Goodnight Irene

Until tomorrow - Stay Safe.