Tuesday, August 23, 2011

White Collar TV Show Filming This Morning At The Roosevelt Island Historical Society Visitors Kiosk - Star Matt Bomer Leaps Over Bench and Kiosk Railing

A second day of shooting for the White Collar TV program on Roosevelt Island. This morning they were filming scenes in front of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) Visitors Center Kiosk and surrounding areas. RIHS President Judy Berdy was there and shares these comments and pictures.

At 7 a.m. this morning a film crew of over 100 appeared on the island. By 8 a.m. they surrounded the kiosk and the scene from White Collar was ready to be filmed.

Image From Judy Berdy

Star Matt Bomer practiced leaping over our bench and kiosk railing.

After an hour of planning and rehearsing with a double and technical crew he did it in a few takes.

Images From Judy Berdy

Matt came out between shots and made a donation to the RIHS for a Spiderman poster!

Image of RIHS President Judy Berdy with White Collar's Matt Bomer 

The crew was great and considerate.  Enjoy the attached photos.

All photos copyright Judith Berdy and RIHS
More photos of today's Roosevelt Island Visitors Center Kiosk White Collar film shoot here.

The White Collar program will also be shooting scenes today at the Roosevelt Island Bridge and the rooftop at Riverwalk's 405 Main Street.

Wonder if they felt the earthquake while filming on 405 Main Street rooftop?

The New York Post reported today on the upsurge in TV production happening in New York City:
That's precisely what New York is doing to LA in the high-stakes battle for TV productions, city officials boasted yesterday.

Standing on the set of the new ABC show "Pan Am," Mayor Bloomberg reported that a record 23 TV series are now filming here.

"It's pretty incredible when you think about it," he declared. "During a time of financial distress, more TV shows are shooting in our city than ever before. So when you start reading stories about people leaving the city or it being too tough to do business here, nothing perfect, but the evidence is we have to be doing something right."

Indeed, all signs point to the $5 billion TV and film industry as a major bright spot in the city's economy....


Ken said...


Guest said...

yes, the TV crew has rented an apartment across the hall from me for storage for a few days..,all day long I heard the door slamming and all the dogs barking on the hall to alert strangers are on in the hall.

I really feel that money should be distributed to the residents of all the buildings that are used and tenants that are disturbed in the process of these mulit million dollar tv shootings that take place here...last time I checked, I did not sign a lease to live on a movie or tv set nor did I sign up to live in a storage facility.

I can see now that Hudson Related is doing what ever possible to raise money to fix the store fronts on the island...go up on the 405 tenants rents, and go up almost 50 percent on their storage containers in the basement with a 2 week notice to either pay the almost 50 percent increase in your storage or move your stuff out...guess which one we are doing. I had a dream that Related sold some of it's buildings here in Southtown to whom ever buys Goldwater...I woke up and realized it could happen. They are about making a profit after all.

Will we see any compensation for the noise and mayhem caused in the TV filming?  I doubt it....am I looking for another place to live?  You got it.

RIOC and RELATED properties I am sure are pocketing thousands and thousands of dollars for permits, rents etc.....the tenants have to deal and put up with the crowded elevators, and loud film crews and the mess they leave behind. What does RIOC do with all the money from these TV shoots? I know what Related is going to do with it. Not share with the tenants I am sure of, but if I get a check from White Collar for waking me up and causing noise all day and stress to everyone in the building, I will let you know! 

franceonisland said...

It's great to see our beautifully-restored Visitor Center featured in a very cool drama. This Kiosk is one of two remaining kiosks that were located at the Manhattan side of the Queensboro Bridge, and the only landmarked one. Yet another reason to visit Roosevelt Island.