Sunday, November 20, 2011

Remember Improv Everywhere's Roosevelt Island MP3 Experiment? Creator Charlie Todd Gives TED TALK Explaining Public Space Antics

Improv Everywhere are the folks behind No Pants Subway Ride and Frozen Grand Central Terminal as well as the 2009 MP3 Experiment on Roosevelt Island.

Improv Everywhere's creator Charlie Todd gave this TED Talk recently explaining what Improv Everywhere is all about.

You Tube Video of Improv Everywhere TEDTalks

Charlie Todd has this to say about Roosevelt Island:
We had a fantastic time on Roosevelt Island.  I was personally thrilled when Roosevelt Live asked us to stage an event on the island.  I've been a fan of RI for years, and getting to stage a massive event at South Point was an incredible opportunity.  We were really excited to be able to show our participants such a unique and often over-looked spot....
He also organized the Accoustic BBQ at Southpoint Park with Vampire Weekend among others.