Monday, February 20, 2012

What The Heck Was Floating Down The East River On Barge Sunday Afternoon - A Space Capsule, Submarine Part, Underwater Turbine?

Roosevelt Island resident Dave Rosenberg noticed something unusual being barged down the East River Sunday afternoon. Mr. Rosenberg shares this photo he snapped

Image From Dave Rosenberg

and asks:
What the heck is that?
Any ideas?

Here's more East River Traffic from previous posts.


Commonly Known As Jay said...

Maybe the tail section of a submarine?

Mike Giroux said...

Commonly beat me to it - I think it's the tail section of a Virginia-class submarine.  Look at the diagonal fin on the bottom, then look at the back of the sub in this picture:

(At first I thought it was the tail of a Seawolf, but they're not building any more of those, apparently - the Virginia's are smaller and cheaper)

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