Sunday, March 11, 2012

Low Flying Helicopter Circling Over Roosevelt Island Shining Lights On Queensboro Bridge Last Night

You Tube video of helicopter flying over Roosevelt Island

Did you notice the low flying helicopter circling around Roosevelt Island late last night? This Roosevelt Islander did and asks:
Any idea why a helicopter is circling southtown rather low? It had its lights on the Queensboro bridge for a while. Several weeks ago, there were 2 helicopters (a blue one and and one with an interesting instrument on the front) circling on a Saturday morning too.
At various times, I have noticed late night low flying helicopters circling Roosevelt Island shining high powered light beams at the Long Island City Ravenswoods Big Allis Power Plant across the East River.

Image from helicopter flying over Roosevelt Island from Viator


Susan Shields Arcelay said...

Not sure about yesterday but the other ones you referred to looked like they were filming since they were in formation and had a pattern.  just a guess tho