Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Subway Sandwich Signs Lease With Hudson Related For Roosevelt Island Main Street - Joins Organic Grocer, Wine Shop and Ice Cream Store

 Image of Subway Sandwich Shop in Forest Hills Queens

Last April Main Street Master Leaseholder Hudson Related prematurely reported that a lease was signed with Subway Sandwiches for 513 Main Street.

Hudson Related's David Kramer informed me yesterday that the lease with Subway Sandwiches has now been signed for 513 Main Street in Rivercross building and should be open in 3-4 months after its design and build out.

Image of Roosevelt Island Subway Sandwich Shop Location at 513 Main Street

So far, new Roosevelt Island Main Street retail tenants with signed leases are:
  • Wholesome Direct, an organic grocer at 530 Main Street, 
  • Island Spirits, a wine shop at 605 Main Street,
  • Coach Scot's Main Street Sweet's at 599 Main Street and
  • the Subway Sandwich shop at 513 Main Street
It's progress. Now the stores just have to open and others follow.


mpresident said...

I am looking forward to the organic store, ice cream and booze; but not the Subway. Vom/Gross.

Salvatore Anthony Hoo said...

Subway is pretty terrible.

commonsense540 said...

I am holding out for the Subway store, sorry

tbc212 said...

I'd like to see J Crew, Banana Republic, urban outfitters and The Gap.  Hey, a girl can dream!

Westviewer said...

You won' hear any, because picky diners won't eat there.