Friday, September 21, 2012

Attacked By Circada Tonight At Roosevelt Island's Pier NYC - Had A Nice Dinner Though

I was enjoying a nice Wurst dinner tonight at Roosevelt Island's Pier NYC when I heard clicking noise coming from right above me and noticed this cricket or circada sitting at top of umbrella next to me.

A few minutes later the circada/cricket dive bombed right towards me hitting me in the glasses and a few minutes later hit me in the chest.

Maybe it didn't like its picture being taken.


Anonymous said...

Did you call THE psd They Are Very GOOD With these type of things

Anonymous said...

I am Very sure THIS will be THE headline in the next wire

Bill Long said...

Cicadas only hatch every 17 years, so if it was a cicada, you won't have that problem again for awhile. On the other hand, Wikipedia says "Many people around the world regularly eat cicadas." Maybe you should suggest a new menu item for Pier NYC.

Anonymous said...

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