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Friday, September 21, 2012

Gallery RIVAA's New Exhibit Explores Converting Roosevelt Island Steam Plant Into A New Museum Of Technology, Art & Science - Opening Reception Saturday September 22, 6 to 9 PM - RIOC Plans On Demolishing Steam Plant

A new exciting exhibition is currently being shown at Roosevelt Island's Gallery RIVAA. According to Gallery RIVAA:
Tad Sudol explores the idea of converting the existing Power Plant building with all colourful still functioning machinery into the dramatic space of the new art and technology destination in New York City, similar to the highly successful Tate Modern in London.
From Gallery RIVAA

Mr. Sudol adds:
Please join me and RIVAA artists at the Opening Reception of the new exhibition “MOTAAS” on this Saturday, September 22nd at the Gallery RIVAA from 6-9PM.
Image of Roosevelt Island Steam Plant

The model for Mr. Sudol's Roosevelt Island Steam Plant proposal is the Tate Modern in London. Here's some more information on the Tate.

The issue of what to do with the Steam Plant was discussed during the September 12 Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Audit Committee and September 20 RIOC Board of Directors meetings. During these meetings, RIOC CFO Steve Chironis indicated that the Steam Plant is structurally unsound for adaption and will need to be demolished, estimating the cost at about $7 million and indicating RIOC's hope that the cost will be paid by NYC.

Also, according to RIOC, Cornell has expressed no interest in adaptive re-use of the building though the operators of the tennis bubble have expressed interest in the land for another tennis bubble after the Steam Plant is demolished.

Here is the audio web cast of the September 12 RIOC Audit Committee.

The discussion of the Steam Plant starts at the 24 minute 35 second mark.


Mark Lyon said...

I'd prefer to see a modernized electric/steam cogeneration plant and a requirement that new buildings (residential and academic) make use of district heating/cooling using the steam and that the older buildings be required to replace their electric heat with steam. Cutting the utility costs for residents would help make the apartments more affordable and centralizing generation would be more efficient than the distributed "every building for itself" plan that is proposed.

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