Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Second Avenue 57th Street Whole Foods Becoming Local Neighborhood Supermarket For Roosevelt Island, They Deliver Here Too - Gristedes To Start Renovation Soon, Will Move Gloomy Entrance To Brighter Main Street

You Tube Video Of Whole Foods 57th Street Store Opening

The Whole Foods at Second Avenue and 57th Street, just a couple of minutes from the Roosevelt Island Tram Station, has been open since August 23. Have you been there yet? Every time I go there, I see several Roosevelt Islanders and we marvel at how great the store is with wonderful products, reasonable prices and so very clean.

Whole Foods also delivers to Roosevelt Island

Image of Whole Foods Delivery Van On Roosevelt Island
What about our local Roosevelt Island Gristedes Supermarket?

A representative of Main Street Master Leaseholder Hudson Related informed me recently that Gristedes will soon be undergoing their promised and long awaited complete store renovation. Included in the renovation will be moving the gloomy and depressing store entrance from beneath the Motorgate Ramp

to the light and brightness of Main Street next to the Post Office.

Interestingly, the suggestion to move the Gristedes entrance came from Roosevelt Island resident Deborah Beck during March 12 Town Hall Meeting with Gristedes owner John Catsimatidis:
... I thought a great idea was suggested by resident Deborah Beck who recommended that the new store design include moving the store entrance from the dark tunnel like side entrance to better lit Main Street directly across from Manhattan Park....
More on the Gristedes Town Hall Meeting from previous post.