Sunday, November 18, 2012

Join Me On A Walk From Brooklyn Flea In Williamsburg To Roosevelt Island - Check Out Tram Tee Shirt

Had a nice long walk earlier today on a beautiful brisk, sunny, late afternoon/evening from Williamsburg Brooklyn back home to Roosevelt Island.

Started out at last day of 2012 Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg. It was a bit chilly but had fun time with good food and interesting vendors.

Image Of Williamsburg Brooklyn Flea Today

Then went next door to East River State Park

and walked around a crafts show where I spotted this Roosevelt Island Tram T-Shirt.

Was never worried about alligators swallowing the Tram until today but now - who knows.

Then started my walk back to Roosevelt Island from Williamsburg through Greenpoint over the Pulaski Bridge

past Long Island City

and finally over the Roosevelt Island Bridge to home.

Here's the route.

View Williamsburg To Roosevelt Island Walk in a larger map


Anonymous said...

I MISS the old NEW York city. When men were men blue collar men. NOW its all these hipsters AND They All hang Out at the river walk bar and grill

Garrett Tarbell said...

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