Thursday, November 15, 2012

Olya's Eye Searches For Street Art And Finds New Examples On Roosevelt Island

Image From Olya Turcihin

Roosevelt Island photographer Olya Turcihin, who blogs at Olya's Urban Journal, shares these photos and reports:
I found the images on the East side of the island turning right after the tramway towards Southpoint. They were found on the concrete barriers across from the tennis court parking entrance.

I don't know whose street art this is - but I always find it refreshing to see new work on the island. My eye is always searching for street art, and when I see it here - I get a thrill to know that the island may just be getting a bit cooler with each new piece.
Image From Olya Turcihin

Check out more of Ms. Turcihin's photos at Olya's Urban Journal. and these previous posts.


APS said...

If you want to find art just a bit away from RI, there is a great woodfire pottery show on Saturday Nov 17th