Thursday, January 10, 2013

Roosevelt Island Residents Receive Certificates Of Merit For Howard Beach Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts From NY State Senator Jose Serrano

During January 9 Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) meeting, Justin Rush of NY State Senator Jose Serrano's office awarded Certificates of Merit to Roosevelt Island Residents who donated and served hot meals to Howard Beach Queens residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Here's what happened:

RIRA Common Council member for Roosevelt Landings Romano Reid reports:
The Community Advocates who received a Certificate Of Merit from Senator Serrano for outstanding service to the Island Community were,

Ellen Polivy
Ethel Romm
Laila Amatullah'
Sharon Pope
Romano Reid
Juyana Armstrong
Erin Feely Nahem
Julie Palermo
Lynn Strong Shinozaki

The Names of the Island Community Advocates who received a "Certificate of Appreciation" from Senator Joseph Addobbo's office for "Efforts in Assisting others in Hurricane Sandy were as follows:

Romano T.Reid
Barbara Allen
Ethel Romm
Julina Hooks
Romano Reid
Juyana Armstrong
Cordell Reid
Maureen Leong
Sharon Pope..
More on the Roosevelt Island Hurricane Sandy hot food relief effort to Howard Beach from earlier post.


Joe Carbo said...

good job by romano reid. god bless romano reid.he is always doing good things for the people of this island.i hope he runs for rioc.

Joe Carbo said...

yes good job by these people who live in roosvelt landings

there are good people living in roosevelt landings

rilander said...

Why wasn't Karine Wong and her husband, who runs the weekly trip to the Rockaways, recognized???

Joe Carbo said...

we must have a award every year called the roosevelt islander person of the year .this year it goes to romano reid. he has done so much for this island.when you need somrthing done. go to romano

Joe Carbo said...

i hope romano runs for rira pres. next time