Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sal Ferrera Resigns As Executive Director of Child School/Legacy HIgh School - Will Mr. Ferrera Remain As Director Of Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC)? Update, Sal Ferrera Resigned From RIOC Board

Reported last Friday of job layoffs at Roosevelt Island's Child School/Legacy High School ("Child School") Just learned today that Sal Ferrera resigned yesterday as Executive Director of the Child School. Below is letter from the Child School/Legacy High School Board of Directors announcing Mr. Ferrera's resignation:

February 7th, 2012

To: Staff, Students, Parents and Friends of The Child School/Legacy High School
From: Board of Directors

Yesterday Dr. Salvatore Ferrera tendered his resignation as Executive Director of the School, which the Board accepted with gratitude for the energy and inspiration he has brought to the school, and most of all his tireless devotion to every one of our remarkable students. We look forward to Dr. Ferrera's remaining a member of our school community even as he relinquishes executive responsibility.

Responsibility for the management of the school will be assumed by a newly-formed Management Committee comprised of the Directors of the lower, middle and high schools -- Regina Wessel, Tina Staiano and Vishu Grover -- and Chief Financial Officer Curtis Newman. The Committee will be chaired by Ethan Kahn, CPA, who has been working for several months with the staff and the Board. Pending the appointment of a new Executive Director, Mr. Kahn will assume the duties of that office.
Mr. Ferrera is also a member of the Roosevelt Island Board of Directors (RIOC). His stealth, patronage appointment by Governor Cuomo at the behest of a Brooklyn State Senator to the RIOC Board of Directors in June 2011 was strongly disapproved by many Roosevelt Island residents because he was not elected by the residents and did not live on Roosevelt Island.

I sent the following inquiry to Acting RIOC President Don Lewis and the RIOC Board.
 I understand that Sal Ferrera resigned as Executive Director of the Child School yesterday.

Has he also resigned from the RIOC Board?

If not, will he still be a member of the RIOC Board even though he no longer work at the Child School or on Roosevelt Island?
Will update when more is learned.

UPDATE - 3:10 PM - Though not officially confirmed by RIOC, Sal Ferrera has resigned from the RIOC Board.

UPDATE 6:55 PM - According to RIOC Press Spokesperson:
Please be advised that Dr. Salvatore Ferrera has resigned from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Board of Directors effective immediately. We thank Dr. Ferrera for his service, including his work as a Board member and as Executive Director of The Child School/Legacy High School. Dr. Ferrera has been, and will continue to be, a valued member of the Roosevelt Island community. We wish him well.
UPDATE 2/23 -Child School gave back its lease for new 504 Main Street Arts Center/Auditorium to Master Leaseholder Hudson Related.


Doug Shine said...

I have a half eaten chicken salad sandwich in my desk and security won't let me back in to get it.

This is crap. I will never feel fully satisfied unless I get to finish my lunch.

If someone could FedEx me my half sandwich I would be forever grateful.

CheshireKitty said...

Fererra out of RIOC Board & Child School: Good luck to him in his future endeavors. Could Gov. Cuomo now appoint a resident dir that will be responsive to the community's needs?

YetAnotherRIer said...

As if that would actually improve anything. The majority of board members are RI residents already.

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