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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Send A Get Well Card To Injured Roosevelt Island Tram Worker

Image From NBC New York

Reported last Tuesday:
a tram worker got his foot stuck on top of the Tram Cabin. He was rescued by NYPD and FDNY.

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Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Social & Cultural Committee Chair Lynn Strong-Shinozaki would like to show the tram worker that residents are appreciative of his work by sending him a Get Well Card. Ms. Shinozaki writes:
Anyone who would like to send a card to the tram driver Richard Nieves can drop it off to me at 30 RR through this coming weekend and we will make sure the cards get to him(hope we can take a bunch)
Will you help?


Joan Markey said...

I'm confused. The post from Don L suggests the injured person was from the inspection team, i.e., was NOT a tram worker.

If one of our operators was injured, I'd send a card. While I bear no ill will towards an inspector, he's NOT a "tram worker" and thus not a member of our community.

Frankly, it's not all that reassuring that the person responsible for inspecting the tram got hurt doing so.

Again, of course, I'm sorry anyone got injured...but I don't understand why the community should make an effort to send get well cards to an inspector.

CheshireKitty said...

It says he was an iron worker. I didn't see any mention that he was an inspector - but either way, it doesn't sound like he was a tram operator.

Raye Glick Schwartz said...

I don't think it should matter whether or not he's "one of OURS"! The point is nobody in RIOC even bothered to suggest this, and he was working on OUR equipment and was injured on OUR premises. If you don't want to send a card that is your prerogative but I don't think it is necessary to be insensitive,