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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Southtown Tot Lot Cherry Tree Extracted From Ground And Moved To New Home At Lighthouse Park - Making Way For Construction Of Riverwalk Building 7

Earlier today, the large Cherry Tree by the Southtown Tot Lot was extracted to make way for the construction of Riverwalk building 7. The Tree was moved to its new home in Lighthouse Park. Roosevelt Island Mom Jennifer Knowlton shares this photo of the tree removal and

I didn't hear the story from the tree removal guy, and only know a little from another mom telling me what he said to her. But I did watch the tree removal. They called the tree extractor the "Flower Pot." The blades were like flower petals that opened and separated to go around the tree and fit to the right size. Once they removed the tree from the ground it was lifted by the Flower Pot onto the truck and suspended, sort of, horizontally for transport. They seemed to take good care of it keeping it supported through the process. He said they were moving the trees to the Lighthouse Park, I assume in time for construction to begin here on the new buildings? But didn't hear if he said anything about that.
Another Mom watching the Cherry Tree extraction remarked:
The extraction of the huge blooming cherry tree looked pretty scary and spectacular.
As previously reported, the Southtown Tot Lot will also soon be moved a few feet north to Blackwell Park in order to make way for construction of Riverwalk Building 7.


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