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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Roosevelt Island Is A Great Place To Watch Boats Passing By On The East River - Anybody Interested In A Roosevelt Island East River Kayaking Program

One of the great things about living on Roosevelt Island is the opportunity to see all different types of boats travelling the East River.

Last night I spotted this fast moving speedboat passing Roosevelt Island approaching and then underneath the Queensboro bridge

leaving behind a sizeable wake.

Over the last weekend, a much more leisurely paced rowboat was passing by

and a flotilla of sailboats followed by a tug pushing a barge.

Not to mention the East River pirate ship, solar powered catamaran, inflatable duck, kayakers, house, and even dolphin.

It's a real shame Roosevelt Island does not have direct access to the East River for a Kayak Launch.

The Long Island City Community Boathouse has expressed a willingness to start a Roosevelt Island kayaking program.

Anybody interested?


AGuyonRI said...

Yes! Boating from RI would be fantastic! Kayaks, rowboats, etc. I'm sure there are insurance things and safety provisions that would have to be worked out, but it would be great!

Half joking on this- docks on both RI and the east side of Manhattan (around 61st) that you could take a kayak between for commuting. Basically a CitiBike like program for kayaks on RI.

Ujin Wong said...

That would be fantastic! I will the first to sign up. :)

Heather Wolfe Taylor said...

My family would kayak every weekend! (Or however often it was available!)

CheshireKitty said...

A Town Harbor (marina) was originally called for in the GDP (page 2, paragraph 3). Why was it never built?

OldRossie said...

This is a great idea. I'm a bit ignorant on these things, but who would set it up and fund it? is that a RIOC project? Could it be private?

CheshireKitty said...

The Parks Dept offers free kayaking and canoeing at locations in all 5 boros

The interactive NY water trails map is here

And a page on the programs inc volunteering at the Bklyn Br Park Boathouse

CheshireKitty said...

There is even boating as close by as Socrates Sculpture Park:


SELECT SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS, JUNE 1, 16, 29 & JULY 13, 14, 28 / 1 PM - 4 PM

Outdoor Cinema Paddle: Wednesdays, July 3, 17, 31 & August 7, 14, 21 / 6PM till sunset

Hosted by Socrates, Astoria Boaters and the Long Island City Community Boathouse, Socrates hosts free kayaking and canoeing in Hallets Cove (tide and weather permitting). People of all ages are welcome to participate or volunteer. Minors (under 18 yrs old) must have a parent or guardian present. For schedule and more information, please visit In case of inclement weather or poor water quality, please consult the same website two hours prior or call: 718.228.9214.

William Sinclair said...

Absolutely in favor of a kayak program/boat launch on RI. What do we have to do to make it happen?