Sunday, July 7, 2013

Car Tires Stolen, Vehicle Scratched and Grand Larceny Reported At Roosevelt Island Motorgate Garage

On July 3, I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Interim Public Safety Department (PSD) Director John McManus for more information regarding the following incidents at the

Motorgate Parking Garage:
Can you provide additional information regarding the incidents below:

The 07/01/13 - 2100 - 688 Main St - Larceny - PSD & NYPD responded - Report Filed.

07/01/13 - 2120 - 688 Main St - Criminal Mischief - PSD responded - Refused NYPD - Report filed.

What happened? Were there any injuries or weapons used?

Thank you.
Mr. McManus replied:
The larceny was the theft of four(4) tires from a vehicle - no injuries, no weapons, and no arrest yet and in the criminal mischief incident unknown person(s) put several scratches on a vehicle. Again, no injuries, no weapons, and, as of this hour, no arrest.
On July 6, I followed up with Mr. McManus on another incident at the Motorgate Garage:
There was another larceny incident reported at Motorgate (688 Main Street) on July 3. This time it was a "Grand Larceny".

What happened at the July 3 incident? Is it related to the 7/1 incidents?

Below is the Public Safety Report.

7/03/13 - 1250 - 688 -Main St - Grand Larceny - PSD and NYPD responded. NYPD report filed.

Thank you.
Have not received a response yet but will update when more information available.


OldRossie said...

Oh good! so the deli's not safe, the area around gristedes after dark is no good, now islanders' cars are a target! We're heading in the right direction.

Mickgirl said...

I saw a deplorable display of folks near RiverWalk plaza on Sunday at mid-day. Maybe NYC PD is the answer. This is getting out of control. Lots of desperrados wanting to be big fish in a little pond. Wanna be ganstsas need to be nipped in the bud before momentum shifts. Tired of this BullS.

OldRossie said...

I agree with you 100%. Shall we start a petition, per cheshirekitty's recommendation? I've never been involved in those things - don't know where residents should begin.

Mickgirl said...

It's pretty bad when, on RI, I no longer feel safe to walk to the market in the middle of the day because of this crap. People got really upset about the PSD, now it is time for them to rise up & get upset now that they have forced out the PSD's authority. We need take back this Island from hoods looking for easy marks. Teenage grocery workers, wheelchair bound islanders, assaults no one EVER prosecuted, Something has to give. Shop owners are going to suffer. Anyone think we'll attract businesses here with all this going on? NOT LIKELY!

billblass said...

What size are the tires. My car needs tires

billblass said...

As long as the tires didn't come off of my car. I dont care

billblass said... must be talking about the new people living in southtown. Right

billblass said...

I Hope they wise up on craigs list.maybe they are the right size for my car

bakgwailo said...

lol - notice how cheshire hasn't bothered to comment yet...

CheshireKitty said...

What is that supposed to mean?! I'm opposed to tire theft even if I am a cat!