Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Problems At The Roosevelt Island F Train Station Earlier This Morning - Subway Service Out Due To Mechanical Problems Causing Overcrowding On Hot And Sweaty Tram

Did you have problems with your Roosevelt Island F Train commute this morning? The Twitterverse reports:

According to this Roosevelt Island resident:
Very weird service this A.M.  Over 20 minute wait this am at 6am. Erratic service all morning
Another resident reported problems at the Tram caused by the F Train delays:
For some strange reason there is no F from Roosevelt Island today.

At 8:10 am there were lines stretching to outside of the turnstile on each side. As a result, many of us did not make in into our usual 8:13 am Tram which was loading when we arrived.

When finally in the next cabin at 8:30 it is so packed that the operator had to ask 6 people to disembark in order for us to take flight! Sadly, no one would budge until the other Tram was just over head, delaying us further.

I have ridden our Tram daily for more than 20 years. Never have I seen such stubbornness and inconsideration as I have today on The RI Tram today.

Hot and sweaty we made it through to the other side in tact. Thank God!
If needed, click here for verification from the MTA of your subway delay.

UPDATE 8/22 - Yesterday's F train subway delays were not any fault of Roosevelt Island's according to this eyewitness report from resident Jonathan Clement:
I was down in the RI station when they announced that there was a broken-down Manhattan-bound train at Queensbridge. Sure enough, when I got to Queensbridge, there was a broken-down train on the Manhattan-bound tracks (as well as another one right behind). People were streaming off both trains and heading to the Queens-bound F, so they could backtrack and then catch the E to Manhattan.


Heather Wolfe Taylor said...

I like how the resident quoted above says "Sadly, no one would budge" and accuses the other riders of "stubbornness and inconsideration". But it sounds like he/she stayed stubbornly and inconsiderately on the tram too!

KTG said...

what's more annoying is that no tells red bus or mta bus driver who just keep dropping people of at subway so they can find out on their own.

YetAnotherRIer said...

The MTA usually doesn't make that info available fast enough for anybody, especially another gov institution, to react accordingly.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Well, to be fair, he/she might have stood all the way on the other side of the cabin and didn't have the means to get out.

I disagree with his/her comment that this is something new for Roosevelt Island. Considering what's happening at the subway elevators, for example, that behavior he/she describes is nothing new.

Kwame Osei-sarfo said...

Lack of notification is one of the things that annoys me so much with public transportation in the city. Uncontrollable things happen; just inform the public so that we can find other means for transport.

billblass said...

I was happy. I was at the beach

CheshireKitty said...

Lucky you. Out at the Hamptons perchance?

billblass said...

No i live in eastwood not southtown or octagon

billblass said...

I was at tar beach

CheshireKitty said...

Oh - right. Figured out a way to get out on the roof of an Eastwood building? Those doors are usually kept locked as far as I know.

CheshireKitty said...

Hey, you never know - as the saying goes: You were complaining the other day about being placed in Sec 8 even though you make more than many other Sec 8 recipients. (I took your remark to mean you were upset about not being placed in LAP.) Maybe you have more money than you let on.

CheshireKitty said...

Exactly; this is where the interlocking pieces of the notification puzzle could work to the residents' advantage, except that RIOC or RIOC-PSD, or whoever is in charge when RIOC offices are closed, somehow never pulls it off.

Once the delay occurred, the RI station and all other stations down the line had to have been notified by MTA, announcements made to customers, etc. The same info must have been issued to RIOC or RIOC-PSD, who can then relay it to the red buses. The bus drivers thus notified can make an announcement of the interruption in subway service, and even put a zipper message on the bus about the train outage. But this never never happens. Instead, people take the bus to the train only to find out the train isn't running for some reason. They have to then decide whether to take the train into Queens and double back to Manhattan, or take the tram. Had they been notified of the outage on the bus, they could have planned accordingly. Unfortunately, RIOC has never been able to put together the notification puzzle.

Another easy way to communicate with residents: How about RIOC tweeting info re transit delays/outages?

billblass said...

This must stop
This is no way for the people livivg in southtown and octagon to live.When you the people of this great lsland elect me to rioc i will have limo service for all of you no more subway ot tram. The subway and tram are for the peons of the island

CheshireKitty said...

Actually, that's not so off-base. Many companies will send limos to pick up employees if there's a transit outage - that is, once the employee is aware the train isn't running.

Bill: If, as you say, the train and tram are for the "peons of the island" how do the others that you always complain about manage to get to work? Fly? Swim? They aren't going to be picked up every day by limo - or, the vast majority of them aren't.

Why do you always insist on talking nonsense, which is intended to pick on the slightly more affluent residents?

Did it ever occur to you that unless they are sitting on top of a pile of money and living off the interest, or are trustafarians, they may be engaged in work, have a career, have all the problems of the peons such as trying to keep a job, pay bills etc., even if they aren't exactly peons themselves?

billblass said...

You are the only person who underdtands the mess of eastwood

CheshireKitty said...

Thanks, Bill, that's nice, although I'm really not the only on:. Those that negotiated the exit agreement also well understood the drawbacks and weaknesses.

No-one at that time wanted to retain affordable housing - no-one wanted to think outside the box. RIOC/Pataki sold out Eastwood, Bill.

Eastwood should re-enter M-L. It has happened at other complexes - but it would depend on UA tanking, which is unlikely at this time.

billblass said...

Really. Living in eastwood is just like living in city housing

CheshireKitty said...

Except that the architecture is much better at Eastwood.