Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Roosevelt Island Children Hold Lemonade, Flower And Veggie Fundraiser For Southtown Community Garden Last Weekend, Raised Over $90 - Great Job Kids!!!!!

Roosevelt Island parent Lauren Blankstein reports:

Parents and kids gather at the children's garden behind 455 Main St. every Saturday morning to tend to the plants, explore the landscape and do craft projects. This past week the children spontaneously decided to start a fundraising initiative.

Image From Lauren Blankstein

On Saturday they filled paper baskets with flowers, herbs and veggies from the garden and set up shop selling them to passersby for $1.

Image From Lauren Blankstein

On Sunday the initiative continued with a lemonade and cookie stand. In total, the kids raised $90. This Saturday they will meet to decide how the money should be used. 
The Southtown Children's Garden is organized by local resident Leila Vujosevic from the Roosevelt Island Explorers.

More on the RI Explorers Southtown Garden Club from previous posts.


MickeyPG said...

Great Job!