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Friday, September 13, 2013

Heightened East River Security During Upcoming United Nations General Assembly Opening Session - Unlike Past Years, Area That Is Now Roosevelt Island Southpoint And FDR Four Freedoms Park To Remain Open But Expect Intermittent RI Bridge Traffic Closings For Diverted Boat Traffic

 Image of United Nations from Wired New York

It's that time of year again for Roosevelt Island - the opening of the 2013 United Nations General Assembly Session. In the past that meant the closing of Roosevelt Island's Southpoint Park and the diversion of all East River Traffic adjacent to Roosevelt Island to the East Channel for security precautions due to our proximity to the United Nations.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato's report to the community today advised:
The United Nations General Assembly will hold its 68th session from September 16 to October 5, 2013. Accordingly, there will be heightened security across the river on the East Side surrounding the UN Building and on the Island as well. Four Freedoms Park will be closed to the public for the duration of the General Assembly. Also, expect to see heightened security around transit stations during this time.
But, wait a second. There's a twist this year. Earlier today, I sent the following inquiry to RIOC President Indelicato and Public Safety Director (PSD) John McManus:
Will FDR Four Freedoms Park be closed during UN General Assembly week? I understand that the FDR Park Conservancy wants to keep it open during this time.

Also, will Southpoint Park be open or closed during UN General Assembly Week?
 Image Of United Nations From Roosevelt Island FDR Four Freedoms Park

Ms. Indelicato replied:
Southpoint Park will not be closed - however, not sure what is happening Four Freedom Park. Seems like it is still being negotiated with Four Freedoms
PSD Director McManus replied later:
As a reminder, the UN General Assembly will convene on Monday, September 16th,2013 and close on Saturday, October, 5th,2013. Please be advised that both Southpoint Park and Four Freedoms Park will remain open during that time period.
I followed up with Mr. McManus:
Can you explain why for many years the area that is now Southpoint and FDR Park was closed during the UN General Assembly session because of security reasons but this year those concerns no longer require the closing of the area during the UN General Assembly session?

Also, do you know if all East River boat traffic will be diverted to the East Channel next to Roosevelt island during the UN General Assembly session as during previous years or is that no longer the case this year as well?
Roosevelt Island Bridge Being Raised To Let Sailboat Pass During 2010 UN Week Causing Ambulance To Wait

RIOC then sent out the following advisory:
Please be advised that the U.N. General Assembly will take place from Monday, September 16th, 2013 to Saturday, October 5th, 2013.

Effective Saturday, September 21st, 2013 to Sunday, September 29th, 2013, West Channel harbor traffic will be diverted to the East Channel harbor.

Bridge openings will be conducted daily from 7AM to 7PM. Each opening should take anywhere from 8-12 minutes to be completed.

During this time NYPD, NYFD and EMS will be available to Roosevelt Island residents and visitors by dialing 911. We apologize for any inconvenience created by this schedule.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Mr. McManus replied to my question stating:
I cannot elaborate on your first question. With respect to your second question, yes, West Channel harbor traffic will be diverted to the East Channel. An advisory regarding that issue was just sent out.
I will seek an explanation from NYPD and update when answer received. Wonder who the Four Freedoms Park was "negotiating" with to stay open?


OldRossie said...

In the past there was a lot of security around MP - I assume because delegates stayed here. I wonder if the facade work/scaffolding creates a security issue? Is there a chance the work will be delayed as a result?

CheshireKitty said...

Unlikely. The snail's pace work will continue at a snail's pace with or without additional security.

OldRossie said...

I think you should sell your car and give the proceeds to Bill. Don't forget to pay the tax on the sale.

CheshireKitty said...

And who would be the one to appraise the car, decide what it's worth? You seem to know all the answers: Why don't you meet me over at Motorgate to set a suitable selling price? Or are you too cowardly even to do that?

OldRossie said...

HA! No thanks - I can accept chicken. I truly think you're a lunatic. When dealing with people like you, anonymity is a safety precaution.

Mark Lyon said...

Don't worry, the internet has provided a solution for Helen that doesn't require her to actually meet other people.

CheshireKitty said...

Hahahaha.. big words, small deeds = Coward!

CheshireKitty said...

And it's Leo, Mark. Who ever gave you the idea I'm a female Kitty? Notice how Rossie immediately backed down..! Refreshing to see that he can't put his money where his mouth is. Punk!

OldRossie said...

Leo (as if that really matters...) I, unlike you, actually have things to lose - family, job, income, life... most people could relate. When I confront someone, it's a person of consequence, to effect a purpose - not an unemployed old (man that calls himself kitty?) who hypocritically spews racial slurs on blogs. As I've said before, responding to you on this thing is purely for my own entertainment - meeting you in person would only cost me time, and maybe a little trouble. You're not worth either of those.

CheshireKitty said...

How about these enlightened, non-lunatic ideas from your Rep, anti Food Stamp (and other benefits) friends in Congress, since I guess cruelty to the poor = sanity as far as you are concerned.

CheshireKitty said...

But I thought Rossie was expert in so many things, Mark! He's smarter than the internet, we all know that! And he seems to have cornered the market on sanity too, now, as he says! Man, he must be a helluva person - a walking encyclopedia that is so "normal" nonetheless! Rossie seems to *know* that Bill is defrauding the gov! If Rossie is "all-knowing" then a simple task, such as estimating the value of my car, shouldn't be too difficult for him to accomplish! Why, to thank Rossie, I'd even be willing to cut him in on 5% of the money realized once I sell the car! An appraisal fee! How is that Rossie - does it make the deal look any better? We all know you Love Money! It's the free market after all - and you get to profit, in return for your incredible brain-power! Why, oh, why, would Rossie back down from a simple request from a fellow-Islander? Boo-hoo... so disappointed...

OldRossie said...

It's the lunacy of the connections that you make that's entertaining. I have no thoughts on food stamps, so couldn't care less about what's in that link. here's what I'm wondering now - are you reaqlly a dude that calls himself Kitty?

CheshireKitty said...

And I was just considering how entertaining it is to slap down Rossie's dumb arguments on a daily basis! My day just wouldn't be same without that opportunity!

Oh, but you should check the blog link I posted, Rossie. Those that really hate the social safety network "freeloaders" are having a field day, playing on class resentments. They always try to figure out a way to divide the working class, make them vote against their own interests.

Unfortunately, the need for supplemental nutrition assistance is real, but all these programs may be eventually cut by the even more severe future sequestration.

As much as you think I'm a crazy cat, we - the poor cats - characterize you, the heartless fat cats, as nutty conservatives! It conveniently eliminates the possibility of arguing once you start calling each other names.

Yes - I am called Leo. And I am not a dude; I am a cat, of course. I selected my handle for the reference to the character in the Carol classic - a perhaps cynical but at least detached character in Alice's upside down world, who had the notable ability to make himself invisible at will, especially in the final scene he appeared in, when the Red Queen was calling for his head.. By then, he had, in his characteristic way, slowly vanished, starting from his tail, until only his head (with its ironic grin) was left. The paradox that faced the Queen: Since there was only the Cheshire Cat's head left after the rest of him had vanished, how could his sentence be carried out?

OldRossie said...

Wow. With your generally limited knowledge of... things.. I'm impressed with your familiarity with a children's fable. Then again, it may explain your "upside down" perspective. Judging from your clockwork blogging, I'd bet you just got out of bed an hour ago - I guess kids stories and blog ramblings make up a full day for people like you! Too bad it doesn't pay... You're the people I AVOID, at any cost - why would I want to meet you? I don't even like that my car is in the same lot as yours! Let alone that we're on the same island. I will give you some credit - you're ridiculousness has caused me to reconsider the island. I get the value of mixed economics, I recognize who my neighbors are, and those that I've met seem to be good people. But I underestimated the risk - this environment puts me in proximity to YOU. You think you are representative of some group of people, but you're REALLY not. You're the ignorant outlier! And outliers can be troublesome...

CheshireKitty said...

C'mon Rossie, you can do better than that! Any kid with a grade-school education has read the Lewis Carroll tales - the point you miss, is that the Cat was commenting on the upside down world Underground. My selecting the Cat avatar refers to people like yourself, the holier than thou crowd, who are in an upside down position when keep their heads underground, refuse to look at their neighbors' plight and accept them as they are. These people, with their heads stuck Underground, live in a spiritually, intellectually, and morally upside down world.

I don't have to reveal my schedule; moreover, I'm not in a position to comment on my daytime activities. You can take it as a given that no self-respecting cat does absolutely nothing to obtain food and lodging. There is always some trade-off, or work involved - even if it merely submitting to my owner's unending need for affection. These irritating demands are not exactly analogous to a cat's situation in the wild.

You just revealed your deep-seated un-neighborliness in criticizing your less wealthy neighbors. You don't even want to park your car in the same garage as them! Hah - this proves what I've always said about the wealthier residents on RI: Not only do they want nothing to do with their less well-off neighbors, as soon as they get here and find out that the majority on the island isn't that well off, they move away! That explains the high turnover rate in Octagon, RL (among the market rate tenants), ST, MP, etc. These residents flee back to Manhattan or the ritzier sections of Brooklyn! You know what, Rossie? Be my guest. Or, better yet, make my day.

Move off the island if you can't stand being around the poor, disabled, elderly, and those that grew up without your advantages. Those without limbs, those begging by the train for handouts. Go back to the nice suburb you came from - which was, of course, free of poor people that might not look like you.

You have proved what I've always said about intolerance, ignorance, and so forth: It still lingers on.

OldRossie said...

It's pretty clear the intolerance lingers with you! I'm sure responsibility is a foreign concept to you, but I can tell you that much of the MP turnover results from peoples work and/or family - evidenced by the number of UN workers who have predetermined periods in NY before moving on. An impressive group of people - not that you would find that level of commitment, experience, worldly exposure, etc, impressive. To you, they're the "elitists", and lets not forget "racists" (ironic, given how many are reps from African nations). I've met individuals from India who are here on business, but anxious to get back to their families back home. And of course, the average working joes who will move around as rents and roommates ebb and flow - fiscally responsible, you wouldn't understand that either.

It seems to me, you're the only one that really has a problem with everyone. Except for me of course - but I don't take issue with a group, I just don't like you. And again, don't act like you are representative of any group - you are a stand-alone lunatic.

CheshireKitty said...

No - I definitely am considered a defender of those that the wealthy would kick to the curb.

You are so deluded, so wrapped up in your insular world of "opportunity" and "reward" that you can't see the world of the poor, which is, actually all around you. And that includes the working poor - those earning minimum, those toiling at "McJobs" who, despite working full-time, can't possibly afford to live on RI without the voucher. Yet, for you, the poor are all just a bunch of nuts - annoying "underachievers". You conveniently "dispose" of your less well off neighbors in this way - by calling them a bunch of nuts if they are poor.

I don't have a problem with UN employees and so forth although they may irk you for all we know. I'm just telling you - many who leave, and not for new UN or business assignments, or to return to their homelands, leave because they can't stand the poor, the disabled, the elderly, that find all over the island after they move in. This population depresses them and they flee to livelier areas, even if they have to pay more to live in these areas. Whether or not these people actually work, are trustafarians, or are otherwise wealthy - it doesn't matter: Like you, they leave because they feel there are just too many poor people on RI, too much evidence of drug use throughout the parks, too much of a possibility they might get mugged somewhere in an isolated area, and so forth. Socially, the area doesn't suit them, for any number of reasons.

They not only do not feel "energized" or upbeat at the sight of the poor, they also feel "threatened" and unsafe. Yet, poverty does not lead to crime.

You seem to epitomize this anti-poor attitude of the privileged class, the class that questions every outlay for social services - despite what you say about me, a single cat you have never even met, who simply stands up for himself when attacked by oblivious, self-absorbed characters like you.

CheshireKitty said...

Now who's being ageist?

I can't possibly be anti-white since I am white, Rossie. And you know I'm pro-black, pro-Latino, pro-Jewish, pro all the non-white minorities such as Asian. So, how can I be a racist? You want to neutralize my arguments by framing the struggle as one pertaining to race, instead of what it really is - one of economics.

I'm not asking you to give up your family, job, income or life.. who ever put those thoughts in your beady little mind? What makes you think that all those you rather grandiosely say you prefer to "confront" are nose-to-the-grindstone well-remunerated workers like you (unless you're a business owner, then your're a worker). You go around checking the bank accounts of everyone you have discussions with?

You don't have to respond to me, Rossie; the fact that you do indicates that indeed you get something out of bashing someone who sticks up for folks like billblass, or the masses in Eastwood.

I think you don't appreciate what it takes for a poor person to survive in NYC - nothing is handed to them on a silver platter. The few crumbs that are "awarded" to the poor - even that's too much for the stingy, and greedy wealthy folks, the "substantial" people with "things to lose"... especially money, via taxes.

So the only way you can deal with class differences is by calling me a racist. That is OK - you aren't the first that's resorted to name-calling when I call out those who would deny even a small measure of relief to the poor, the elderly, and the disabled. As I've explained, income and unemployment statistics track race in general, even in this supposedly post-racial day and age. If I call for a doubling of the minimum wage, a struggle of renters against inordinate rents, and in general, a leveling of income inequality, because I am speaking for the underclass, you say I'm anti-white. But I'm not anti-white! I am white! And most recipients of welfare are white! I'm just calling for justice for the underclass! Is that such a sin?

Frank Farance said...

CK, Followed your link: "Hot Bikini Pictures of Surfer Carissa Moore", which led to 35 clicks of "Kaley Cuoco: Hot Pictures of Kaley Cuoco, Ryan Sweeting’s New Girl".

CheshireKitty said...

LOL. Well if that link was a turn-on, then this one should be the perfect follow-up - about the disappearing middle class, and what can be done about it (not much at this point, it seems):

OldRossie said...

Trust her links as you trust her judgement.

CheshireKitty said...

Reader, Rossie and Frank's comments represent a case of sour grapes: Both Frank & Rossie have had their minds blown by DeBlasio's victory and what that will mean in terms of taxation, the move to level the playing field with the reduction of income inequality.

If Frank and Rossie think I'm a loony, then the electorate which is about to elect as Mayor who thinks very much like me, is also insane.

So, now let's see: According to Frank and Rossie, the reduction of income inequality, the extension of social benefits, the doubling of the minimum wage, rent strikes to force rent rollbacks, and all sorts of other progressive ideas, are just "insane". If it were up to Frank and Rossie, Four Freedoms Park would be re-dubbed FDR's Four Insanities Park since FDR was the father of Social Security, and many other pro-worker, progressive programs, in addition to crushing fascism in winning the Second World War.

So both Frank and Rossie are spreading disinformation because both know they've been beat: Both represent a retrograde, backward tendency in US politics - not that different from the wackiness of the pesky teabaggers and profound conservative "thinkers" like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman.

Both links I posted - about Rep cruelty and the plight of the middle class - of course work. Trust me, the links were intellectually eye-popping; Rossie and Frank, unfortunately, aren't.

OldRossie said...

enough said. :)
But please don't say DeBlasio thinks like you. Don't insult the man.

CheshireKitty said...

Rossie, you've been slapped down a hundred times - why do you persist? You're going to deny FDR beat fascism and also rescued the working class? You call that insane. Well, then, according to you, one of the greatest US Presidents was a madman. That makes you both a vile right-winger and unpatriotic. I suppose you - an adherent of untrammeled capitalism "I want to keep what I earn" - also feel Lincoln was a nut for freeing the slaves, since that interfered with the cotton planters' maximization of profits.

Of all the Mayoral candidates, DeBlasio has the most progressive ideas, including the rich tax, which would take money from the rich and give it to the poor, in the form of universal pre-K. This rich tax has sealed the deal for many voters - who I guess you would diagnose as insane, since you feel all who hold progressive ideas are crazy. Yet what could be wrong/crazy with extracting tax money from those most in a position to afford it, so as to benefit poor kids whose parents are not in a position to pay the tuition to send them to pre-K?

Rossie and Frank would let little kids go without pre-K just so the rich can continue to stuff themselves with expensive goodies like pate de foie gras washed down with costly aperitifs: Now that is both cruel and insane, and finally, the electorate is about to turn the Bloomberg crowd, heartless people like them, out of office.

OldRossie said...

I just love to see you rant! throw around unsupported accusations, tell OTHER people what THEY think... it's entertaining for its inaccuracy!

CheshireKitty said...

DeBlasio won even bigger on RI than he did in NYC overall: 55% to 40.2%! And how many votes *in total* did Reps draw on RI? 72! Too bad Rossie - conservative folks like you are *really* outnumbered on RI! At least we know most islanders' hearts are in the right place!

In the words of Deblasio himself:

"In so many ways, New York has become a Tale of Two Cities.

Nearly 400,000 millionaires call New York home, while nearly half of our neighbors live at or near the poverty line. Our middle class isn’t just shrinking; it’s in danger of vanishing altogether.

Addressing the crisis of income inequality isn’t a small task. But if we are to thrive as a city, it must be at the very center of our vision for the next four years.

During my time in public office, I've taken on unscrupulous landlords; protected children who were victims of neglect and abuse; battled the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics; fought to repair broken policing policies; and championed working family issues like paid sick leave and living wage laws.

As mayor, I will spend every waking moment fighting to bring opportunity to every New Yorker — with a plan to create jobs in all five boroughs; a dramatic expansion of affordable housing and accessible health care; increas-ing taxes on the wealthy to fund early childhood and after-school programs; and building police-community relations that keep everyone safer.

That’s not simply a plan for tackling the inequality crisis. It’s my solemn commitment to every resident of the city we all love so much.

In the chapters below, you will also read about my ideas for a sustainable environment, better transit, the rights of new Americans, reforming our government so it is as great as our city, protecting vulnerable populations and continuing the fight for full equality for all New Yorkers.

New Yorkers have a choice in front of us. I ask you to help me build one New York, where we all rise together.

- Bill de Blasio"

OldRossie said...

Sweet! I voted for him!

CheshireKitty said...

I'm not making anything up. Or, if you deny being anti social safety net, say so. Say you support the rich tax as outlined by Bill DeBlasio, say you support all our social welfare programs from Social Security to EBT to Sec 8. You won't say it because you "want to keep what you earn", right? I didn't make this up, Rossie, you said you want to keep what you earn, which, of course, in the context of progressive taxation, epitomizes selfishness and greed.

OldRossie said...

Actually, you are making everything up. That's why we're still going.

Per your request, my words 4 days ago: "personally, I'm in favor of this proposal - increased tax on upper income to pay for pre-K"