Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Roosevelt Island Family Attends First Fall For Arts Festival Yesterday - Enjoyed A Fun Filled Day Of Murals, Clown Balloons, Pumpkin Making, Drawing, Hat Making & More

The 2013 Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival was held Saturday at Southpoint Park and the Rivercross Lawn. Attending their first Fall For Arts Festival were Roosevelt Island newcomers, the Reyes family.

Jen Reyes shares these photos from yesterday's Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival and reports:

We are the Reyes family resident of RI and members of the RI Toddler & Parent Group. We've been here for just about 4-months & can't get over the sense of community!

Our family outing to the Fall Festival this year was super cute! There was just about everything from artist painting murals throughout the park,

Images From Jen Reyes

clowns making animal balloons, pumpkin decorating,

Image From Jen Reyes

Candy Art, Hanna Tattooing, drawing stations, and my personal favorite, The Materials for the Arts (MA) table. MA is a great resource for art teachers and nonprofits providing free art materials to create just about anything one desires. The MA table was providing materials for DIY hat/crown making,

Image From Jen Reyes

as well as DIY bug making. The fall festival was a beautiful free event that was much appreciated and fun-filled for everyone! Very kid-oriented

Image From Jen Reyes

and super friendly.
Welcome to Roosevelt Island Jen and I am glad you and your family had a good time.